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Herbert Zweibon

The government that signed the Oslo accords has been replaced, but the scars that the Oslo years left behind will not vanish until a full-fledged Commission of Inquiry has been established to examine the harm that Oslo inflicted on the Jewish people and the ways to repair the damage.

Such a Commission of Inquiry would begin by studying the manner in which the accords themselves were reached:

* How could an Israeli political party run on a platform barring negotiations with the PLO, and then proceed to engage in such negotiations?

* What are the legal implications of the contacts between Labor Party leaders and PLO officials during the months prior to the repeal of the Israeli law prohibiting such meetings?

* What conclusions should be drawn about the repeated public promises made by Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin that the accords would be scrapped if the PLO violated them--promises which they never kept, and which they evidently never intended to keep...?

* Was the Labor government legally entitled to sign the accords prior to obtaining the Knesset's approval?

* Is it appropriate for decisions involving the future of the State of Israel and the Land of Israel, including matters of sovereignty and national rights, to be made by a one-vote majority in the Knesset, when every other democratic country requires a special majority for such momentous decisions?

A major part of the Commission's work would involve an examination of the accords themselves. The Commission would consider, among other things:

* Did the Labor government secretly promise the PLO that the accords were designed to pave the way for the creation of a PLO state?

* How is it that areas containing numerous Jewish holy sites were handed over to PLO control, without even obtaining guarantees of free access?

* What are the legal implications of giving the PLO land that is owned by the Jewish National Fund and

is therefore the property of World Jewry?

* Is Israel legally bound to observe the accords if the PLO violates them?

* Did Rabin or Peres secretly agree to tolerate PLO violations of the accords, and even suppress information about such violations?

An important aspect of the Commission's work should be the domestic impact of Oslo, such as:

* Who made the decision to use administrative detention against non-violent Jewish critics of Oslo?

* Who instructed the police to proceed brutally against peaceful Jewish protesters (e.g. Women in Green)?

* Who sent Avishai Raviv to infiltrate the Jewish right, and what exactly did he do?

Finally, the Commission of Inquiry needs to examine the damage that Oslo inflicted upon relations between Israel and American Jewry:

* What was the role of Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich and Consul-General Colette Avital in attempting to suppress American Jewish critics of Oslo?

* Did Labor officials, including then-Prime Minister Peres, attempt to manipulate Congressmen to block lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill by Americans with regard to Oslo, U.S. troops on the Golan, and other matters of concern to American citizens?

Before the much-needed healing process can begin, these questions must be addressed. The answers should help establish the parameters of a national debate on the entire future of Israel. The time has come for serve as a warning about the need to safeguard

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