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     NOVEMBER 1998      


The Wye Surrender

Ruth King

We have made lies our refuge
And under falsehood have we hid ourselves.

                  Isaiah 28:15

During the difficult negotiations between the leaders of Egypt and Israel, which culminated in a so-called peace treaty between those nations, the late Menachem Begin referred to the bucolic surroundings of Camp David as a "concentration camp deluxe." President Jimmy Carter, who delighted in calling himself an honest broker and a "crisis manager," was, in fact, a rather ham-handed bully. Even Moshe Dayan, who was a devout "peacenik" and leftist, described the behavior of Carter and Vice President Mondale as harsh and totally biased in favor of Anwar Sadat. However, the American Jewish leaders were so mesmerized with the hallucination of peace, they failed to support Begin in his efforts to extract even the most minimal concessions from Egypt. The rest is history.

Carter was defeated after one term. The last we heard, he is fairly successful as a carpenter and laughable as a poet. Mondale was handily defeated by Ronald Reagan when he ran as a Democratic candidate in l984. Begin and Dayan are both dead, and, as anyone who reads the anti-Semitic ranting of the state controlled Egyptian press can attest, so is the Camp David Treaty. However, the Israelis and the American Jewish community seem to have learned nothing from the failures of the recent past.

Bibi Netanyahu and his effete advisors surrendered during the ill advised "negotiations" at an isolated plantation in Wye, Maryland. They were bludgeoned into making more concessions by a president and a secretary of state whose administration is riddled with political scandal and foreign policy failures on every continent. During a terse press conference at Wye, President Clinton turned his back and strode away after delivering the usual "peace" speech. He refused to answer questions on any other foreign policy issues--North Korea, Kosovo and the threat of war in the Balkans, Iran, Iraq, and China. The leaders of all these states recognize the lack of will in the American administration, and they have rebuffed and humiliated our secretary of state. Only Israel is compliant and only Israel was held hostage by an American administration desperate for a policy success.

By now the pretense of American "honest brokering" is gone. The PLO has not fulfilled a single relevant paragraph of the original Oslo agreements. But it is Israel, and only Israel, which is painted as intransigent and an obstacle to peace. And, the American president, buoyed by the continuing support from American Jews, continues the squeeze on Israel. After all, the wealthy Jews that he parties with, that he collects money from, and that have promised him a cushy situation after his retirement, all agree with his harsh treatment of Israel. In their clouded vision, Bibi is the only problem-- not Arab threats, not unabated terrorism and not the Arab speeches and editorials that incite to violence and massacre.

While Prime Minister Netanyahu and his new Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon strutted and pretended to be tough in Wye, dozens of civilians were injured by a terrorist attack in Beersheba. Instead of returning to Israel to calm and comfort his constituents, Bibi acceded to President Clinton's threats and remained at the negotiations. The threats were thinly veiled--a "reassessment of relations, a recognition of an independent Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, a cut-off in foreign aid--all leveled before, only this time America means it. The stakes are higher for this administration, and the American Jews are obsessed with peace at any cost to Israel.

Israel's Prime Minister should not have come to the United States just before a national election. His

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