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     JULY-AUGUST 1999      


Israel is Strong Enough to Stand Firm

Herbert Zweibon

Here then is the choice Mr. Barak must mull on his way home: He can trust the Clinton team and move his country toward a deal with its enemies that violates normal rules of military prudence. Or he can seek the military means of being useful to his Turkish and Jordanian friends while being fearsome to states that are enemies of America and Israel alike.

--Prof. Angelo M. Codevilla,
     Wall Street Journal, July 19, 1999

What is it that makes Israel fearsome to its enemies? According to military experts, Israel is a superpower in the Middle East--a superpower as long as war is limited to conventional weaponry.

As Prof. Angelo Codevilla and others have pointed out repeatedly, the major threat to Israel is its Arab neighbors' accumulation of missiles capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction.

It seems clear, at this point, that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has chosen the Clinton path, in which any peace agreement that may avoid igniting a conflict is worth the cost.

Convinced that his own people do not have the will to fight, Prime Minister Barak has decided to accede to U.S. wishes. Israel will come down from the Golan Heights--unless the people come to their senses and vote "no" in a referendum.

In a recent essay, Women in Green leader Nadia Matar pointed out:

Today, our leaders spread despair and fear among the people...The question is whether we--the people--will fail, or whether we will be united and fight? Will we follow our political leaders, and permit them to brainwash us with their perverted ideology--the ideology of the enemy? Will we let them hand over to the enemy the Golan, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza--and Jerusalem? Will we remain silent ?...This is the test of the people of Israel today.

It is still not too late for the Israeli public to recognize the dangerous consequences that would result from a "peace" agreement with Syria. Leaving the Golan removes the deterrent threat of an Israeli attack by conventional forces upon Damascus. Just as significant, in strategic terms, is the effect of this retreat on the alliance with Turkey. What are the Turks to think about the abandonment of the southern half of the Turkish-Israeli pincer around Syria?

And one does not have to be an expert to understand that when the surrender is complete, it will in no way eliminate the missile threat from Syria, or Iraq, or Iran.

At this writing, Israel has some breathing space. It must continue developing the Arrow system and other systems capable of protecting against future missile threats that may overwhelm Arrow.

It must also begin the process of building the self-confidence and self-respect of its people. Most of all, Israel must develop the will to say no to those who seek to weaken it.

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of Americans For a Safe Israel.


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