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   NOVEMBER 1999 -  Issue #119    


Say "No" to the Wye Aid Package

Herbert Zweibon

The $1.6-billion Wye aid package proposed by the Clinton administration has stalled, along with other costly programs and proposals, because of Congressional concerns about excessive spending by the administration. Although few Congressmen have expressed specific opposition to the Wye money, this budget wrangling provides Congress and the public with a welcome opportunity to assess the merits of the Wye package--and to consider the much larger costs that are certain to follow if the Clinton administration engineers an Israeli surrender of the Golan Heights.

Domestic considerations alone give Congress good reason to refrain from rushing to pass the Wye package. Members of Congress must represent the feelings of their constituents. Average Americans are naturally going to be more concerned with Social Security than with Israeli security.

But in this case, it is not even Israeli security at stake. Indeed, quite the opposite--the Wye aid package will directly harm Israel's security. It will implement an agreement that will advance the creation of a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza that will endanger Israel's survival. Such a state will menace its neighbors, serve as a base for terrorism and aggression, and destabilize the region where 80% of the world's oil supply is located, thus undermining America's interests in the Middle East. Thus, even for that segment of the American public which is knowledgable about foreign affairs and concerned about Israel's security, the Wye aid package must be considered foolhardy at best.

But it gets worse. If Clinton is able to steamroll his $1.6-billion Wye package through Congress, he will be convinced that he can win approval for any costly program in the name of "peace." That will encourage him to pursue the even more expensive (to Americans) plan for an Israeli surrender of the Golan Heights to Syria.

The outlines of the deal are obvious. Israel would withdraw from the entire Golan Heights, in ex-
change for a treaty with Syria. Since precious few Israelis really believe, deep down, that Syria wants peace, enormous sums will have to be spentby the United States to provide state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, new weapons and defense systems for Israel, and of course the stationing of an American military force, carefully disguised with the fig leaf of multinational participation. Since the "moderate" Syrians refuse to accept the idea of a single Jew living on the Golan Heights, the thousands of Jewish residents of the area will be forcibly transferred from their homes. The money to compensate them for the loss of their homes and other property will come, of course, from America. The final bill? Conservative estimates suggest $20-billion. Undoubtedly it will be higher in the end.

The Clinton administration will argue that this is the necessary price for "peace." Members of Congress, however, will start to ask questions--not only about the incredibly high price tag, but also about the wisdom of stationing American GIs in such close proximity to the Syrian and Lebanese bases of the world's most dangerous and anti-American terrorist groups--like Hezbollah, which murdered 241 Marines the last time American soldiers dared step foot in the region.

Take heed, Capitol Hill: the $1.6-billion Wye aid package will be the first step down a very slippery slope.

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of Americans For a Safe Israel.


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