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   NOVEMBER 2000 -  Issue #129    


An Open Letter to the People of Israel

Ruth King

We are one people with one destiny. It was ever thus and this will never change. The safety of Jews everywhere in the world depends on the safety of Israel. Jews all over the world, including those who dwell in benevolent democracies, need you every bit as much as you have needed us.

Since 1993, we have watched with dismay and outright fear as your leaders mindlessly dismantled the Jewish State. We saw the carnage and terror to which you have been subjected by relentless enemies, and we watched with horror as your Prime Ministers excused and tolerated the murder of innocent people, all in the name of "peace." We have read with anguish how the children in Israel are being taught with new textbooks that diminish your history and negate your historic, religious and strategic rights.

We have witnessed with despair how every Prime Minister since Oslo gave away your patrimony -- in Jericho, in Bethlehem, in Hebron and now, in Jerusalem. We have suffered intense shame as we witness the appeasement of enemies and the surrender of principles. We have observed with outrage the vicious, anti-Semitic rhetoric that your elected leaders have tolerated from their so-called negotiating partners. And we hear with pain of the desecration and destruction of Jewish shrines, and shed new tears over the casualties produced by the mindless policies of your leaders, abetted by our own government. We have watched helplessly as you were seduced by visions of peace, when the reality was more hatred, more terrorism and more war.

The vision evoked by shameless pacifists is that of Isaiah -- where the lion lies down with the lamb. The Arabs are not lions. Lions are the proud royalty of the felines. They hunt to eat, not for wanton murder. They protect their young. They do not use their litter as shields and put them in harm's way. Nor should you be like lambs, docile as you are led to slaughter.

Only you can reverse the process that is now destroying you. And you can do it only by mass protest. In Yugoslavia, when Milosevic tried to overturn the results of national elections, the people finally had enough. In town after town -- not just Belgrade -- they took to the streets until Milosevic got the message and resigned. Yugoslavia now has a promising new leader, untainted by the infighting and compromises of the previous opposition. In Israel too, a message to the leadership from an aroused public is essential: pull the plug on the shameful surrender of our state. A national unity government will not restore Israel's standing or even change Israel's course. Replacing Barak in new elections with the present alternatives will not help (Netanyahu and Sharon are part and parcel of the failed policies and are incapable of offering a new path.) Like Yugoslavia, Israel needs new leaders (in both major parties) untainted by Oslo, leaders who have not already been psychologically "profiled" by the Americans and deservedly earned the contempt of the Arab world. And the way to begin is by protest, massive nationwide protest, letting your leaders know you have had enough of their empty bluster and limp wrists.

Those who urge you to continue negotiations, to somehow get the peace process "back on track," will be the first to abandon you. Take back your future and your destiny. The window of opportunity is very short. Real friends and supporters will rally to your call. We will not let you down.

Ruth King is a member of the executive Committee of Americans For a Safe Israel. (Herbert Zweibon is abroad.)


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