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   APRIL 2002 -  Issue #144    


End Games in the Middle East

Herbert Zweibon

The gathering of thugs, despots and dictators who recently assembled in Beirut for an Arab League summit collectively spat in the face of President Bush. Their unanimous embrace of Saddam Hussein stipulated that any attack on Iraq would be viewed as an attack against all Arab states. This is particularly insulting when our Pentagon and State have incontrovertible evidence of Iraq's push to develop weapons of mass destruction including biological terror. Instead of a properly firm response, State Department spokesmen, journalists, and assorted imbeciles wiped the spittle off, proclaiming instead a "momentous and historic" initiative wherein the Arab states offered Israel recognition as a neighbor, if only the Jewish State were to meet a few "conditions."

The conditions include the usual list demanding Israel's national suicide: return to the pre 1967 borders; an Arab Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital; and, most laughable of all, the return of Arab "refugees" to Israel. Columnist John Podhoretz in the New York Post of March 28 best explains the Arab League plan and its American enthusiasts:

"This is what Arab countries have always said they'd accept: a diplomatic negotiation leading to Israel's destruction.... The United States has decided to make a show of trying to make peace when one of the parties only wants blood."

When it comes to Israel, Arab behavior is predictable. However, the hugs and kisses and avowals of love and support exchanged with the Iraqi representative are a direct blow to America's ongoing war against terrorism and an overt threat to American security. The Saudis, one of whom will soon be visiting President Bush in Texas, have long been ardent supporters, participants and money managers for all Middle Eastern terrorists, and their "peace initiative" is nothing more than a maneuver to confuse and derail American policy.

President Bush should call back General Zinni and give Israel a green light for a military response that would once and for all end the Palestinian Authority, not issue more absurd "stop and go" directives (defend your citizens but don't forget you are in the middle of a "peace process").

Israel's leaders are also delivering mixed messages. Sharon speaks tough, but walks the walk of anticipatory concessions. Even as Israel enters PA-controlled towns, Sharon announces Israel's departure is not long off -- this is an obvious recipe for massive renewed attacks. The situation can only be improved if Israel disarms and controls the local populations. Israel's Foreign Minister, who carries much of the blame for today's massacres, wrings hands as usual about getting back to "negotiations," and the parliamentary coalition of doves, vultures and hawks continues to promote a return to the "process." Benjamin Netanyahu promises a hard line response if he is elected Prime Minister, but history demonstrates his pusillanimous response to the threats of the Clinton administration.

Israel has many supporters in America who are influential and powerful. It is mandatory that we in America understand once and for all what we can anticipate from Israel so that we can gird ourselves for the debates ahead. Instead, all we get is more of the same mindless policies which respond one day only to backtrack the next day.

It is also time for the American president to warn those states who are with the terrorists, who harbor and encourage terrorists, and provide funds and cover for terrorists, that no amount of palaver on a "peace process" will derail the great American -- yes -- crusade.

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of Americans For a Safe Israel.


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