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32nd Year of Publication

   NOVEMBER 2002 -  Issue #150    


Christians Rally for Israel

Herbert Zweibon

On September 11, 2002, Washington and environs were gripped by fear of the sniper, and closed in by police blockades of all major arteries. In spite of these obstacles, compounded by pelting rain and high winds, ten thousand American Christians rallied in support of Israel at the Washington Convention Center.

The rally was part of the Christian Coalition's "Road to Victory 2002" weekend convention, attended by prominent ministers, legislators, journalists, and supporters from every corner of the United States. Ehud Olmert greeted the participants, saying "God is with us in supporting the State of Israel. You, the great Christians of America, are with us and we will stand firm together against the terrorists. It is hard for us in Israel to live with the sights of terror, to go to sleep with them, to wake up in the morning, to know what you have seen, but don't get it wrong. This is pain, not weakness." The crowd waved Israeli flags, chanted Hebrew melodies, blew shofars, and called out "We love Israel." Singer Ted Pearce sang "Zealous for Zion" and the rally ended with a dance by the "This is the Day of Elijah" troupe.

Pat Robertson, founder and past president of the Christian Coalition, stated, "We should not ask Israel to withdraw from the so-called occupied territories, we should stand with them and fight. Jerusalem is the eternal, indivisible capital of the state of Israel, and it must not be divided." Tom DeLay (R-Texas) refuted the charge that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are "occupied territories," and Roberta Combes, the Coalition's current president, declared: "We love you. We love Israel. We will always be there for you." In one voice, waving posters and placards, the participants said "No" to a Palestinian state in Israel's historic and religious lands.

Others participating included Senator Sam Brownback, Rep. Lindsay Graham, former ambassador, presidential candidate and talk show host Alan Keyes, and member of the Knesset Benny Elon.

Americans for a Safe Israel takes special pride in being the first pro-Israel organization to grasp the extended hand of Evangelical Christians: we have featured a leader of the Christian conservatives at every single one of our national conferences. AFSI rejects those who would try to divide Jews from evangelical Christian supporters with carping about "motives" and domestic issues of less moment. For all the noise made by liberal groups with "Jewish" in their title, in fact there is no consensus on abortion or school prayer, or even on Israel, among Jews.

Most on the Christian Right support our religious, historical, strategic, and legal rights to our patrimony. They reject imposing territorial withdrawal on Israel. They are categorically opposed to another Arab state between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. They uphold an undivided and indivisible Jerusalem as Israel's capital and the locus of the Jewish faith from time immemorial. They support Israel's right to defend itself and they support our own nation's struggle against the evil forces of international terrorism.

Even in the face of insulting criticism from some quarters in the Jewish establishment with a self-serving definition of "defamation," the Christian Coalition stands fast, arm in arm with Zionists, against all enemies of Israel and proponents of anti-Semitism.

We don't believe there is room for debate. There are no caveats. The support of the Christian Coalition is crucial and AFSI offers a simple and heartfelt "thank you."  

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel.


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