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33rd Year of Publication

   APRIL 2003 -  Issue #155    


What Does America Owe the Arabs?

Herbert Zweibon

President Bush's decision aggressively to push ahead with his "Road Map" to a Palestinian state was influenced in part, according to the New York Times, by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who believes such a state is necessary "to quell the anger throughout the Arab world over the Bush administration's perceived focus on Iraq." In a similar vein, an editorial in the Jerusalem Post commented that after the war in Iraq, "the U.S. will need to win back alienated Arab hearts and this might be most readily accomplished by squeezing from Israel concessions that will put Israeli civilians at potentially greater risk than ever."

Thus postwar U.S. policy toward Israel will be driven by the view that America owes the Arabs; that America is to blame for the Arabs feeling "angry" or "alienated." In fact, America owes the Arabs nothing.

Egypt has contributed nothing to the war effort in Iraq or to America's war against terrorism in general--even though the Egyptians have been receiving $2.1-billion in American military and economic aid each year since 1979. Yet Cairo continues to purchase sophisticated No-Dong missiles from America's arch-enemy, North Korea. Egypt permits Palestinian terrorists to use tunnels between Gaza and the Sinai to smuggle weapons to anti-American terror gangs such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Even the Washington Post recently acknowledged in an editorial that Hosni Mubarak "aims to prop up his personal dictatorship by encouraging Egypt's poor and oppressed population to blame Israel and the West for their misery." America owes Egypt nothing.

Saudi Arabia has refused to cooperate in any serious way in the war against Saddam -- even though it was the U.S. army that saved the Saudis from Iraqi conquest during the 1991 Gulf War. Moreover, the role of the Saudi government in financing Al Qaeda has yet to be fully explored -- when it is, we can expect to discover that the Saudis are at least partly to blame for building up the terrorists who murdered thousands of Americans in New York and Washington on September 11. America owes Saudi Arabia nothing.

As for Syria, unnamed State Department officials tell the media that the Syrian government has provided unspecified "assistance" in America's anti-terror efforts. We are supposed to feel grateful. Yet Al Qaeda terrorists fleeing Afghanistan have been given shelter in Syrian-occupied Lebanon, the Syrian-supported Hezbollah terrorists are still attacking Israel from southern Lebanon, and a dozen or more anti-Israel, anti-American terrorist groups continue to maintain their headquarters in Damascus. The Syrians continue to work closely with Iran, leader of the "Axis of Evil." America owes Syria nothing.

And what about Palestinian Arabs, whom we seek to reward with a state? Tens of thousands of them in every city controlled by the PA have poured out to demonstrate for Saddam (and Bin Laden, whose portrait they also carry) calling on him to "Chemical Bomb Tel Aviv." Reporters have described the joy when people hear a U.S. helicopter has been downed or American soldiers have been killed or captured. Drivers honk, passersby chant, people fire shots in the air. Religious leaders fan the flames. For example, the PA TV station broadcast live the sermon by Sheikh Ibrahim Madeiris from a Gaza mosque: "If Iraq is defeated, if the nation of Islam is defeated in Iraq -- this will be our last breath of life." But the Sheikh holds out hope: "America will be destroyed, Allah willing, and Palestine, Iraq and the Middle East will become a cemetery for oppressors." How can it possibly be claimed that we owe these people anything?

If America's broad strategic aim in the Middle East is to maintain stability, the way to further that goal is not to exchange one terrorist state for another -- by defeating Saddam while creating a Palestinian terror state -- but rather to strengthen Israel, the only stable, democratic, and pro-American country in the Middle East.  

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel.


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