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33rd Year of Publication

   FEBRUARY 2003 -  Issue #153    


Time to Fight Creation of a Palestinian State

Herbert Zweibon

Senior officials of the Bush administration have made it clear that they are poised to launch a new initiative to bring about the creation of a Palestinian state. Secretary of State Colin Powell said recently that the initiative would be launched soon after the Israeli elections. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said that "the day after" America's war with Iraq, the administration will "intensify" its efforts to create a Palestinian state. There can be no doubt the administration's drive to give the Palestinians state is imminent.

We dare not allow ourselves to be fooled by President Bush's occasional praise of Israel or his halfhearted attempt to ease Arafat out of his central leadership position. Arafat or no Arafat, at the end of the day Israel will find itself gravely menaced by a sovereign Palestinian state. The problem is not Arafat alone; the problem is an entire Palestinian society drenched in hate of Israel, Jews, and Zionism. The administration refuses to recognize this reality.

Nor should we be fooled by the occasionally differing statements emanating from the Defense Department and the State Department. Rhetoric aside, they are both unswervingly loyal to Bush's "Road Map" for the creation of a Palestinian state later this year. The latest statements by Powell and Wolfowitz make this clear.

The dangers that such a state would pose to Israel are well-known. In fact, Shimon Peres himself acknowledged, back in 1978, that "The influx of a Palestinian fighting force [of 25,000 men] into Judea and Samaria [would signify] an excellent starting point for mobile forces to advance immediately toward the infrastructure vital to Israel's existence." Even after the Oslo accords were signed, Peres wrote in his book The New Middle East that the creation of an armed Palestinian state could result in a surprise attack that could slice Israel in two at its narrow "waist" area.

The idea that a Palestinian state would be peaceful and democratic is, of course, a pathetic fantasy. No Arab state has ever been democratic, and the very words "peaceful" and "Palestinian" are oxymorons.

Yes, Israel's reluctance to commit national suicide by permitting a Palestinian state to arise will be roundly criticized by European leaders. But Israel need not tremble when this or that European politician indulges in the usual denunciations of Israeli policies. While the Europeans are heaping abuse on Israel, their own societies are beginning to crack under the strains caused by large Muslim immigrant populations. British Home Secretary David Blunkett recently warned that British society is "like a coiled spring," beset by tensions that could lead to "the disintegration of community relations and social cohesion," with such widespread vigilatism that Britain could "tip into a situation we could not control."

And yes, the new Bush initiative will leave the Jewish community confused and divided. Many Jews have wearied of the struggle and are ready to go along wth the creation of a Palestinian terror state--one which will be a safe distance from Scarsdale, Brentwood, and Boca Raton, of course. Even the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the "O-U"), at its recent convention, could not bring itself to express clear opposition to Palestinian statehood.

And so we must turn to Israel's real best friends in America--the evangelical Christians. They believe in the Bible and the Divine promises to the Jewish people. They are committed to the territorial integrity of Israel and an uncompromising war against terrorists.

Most important, they are George W. Bush's core constituency. He cannot be re-elected wthout their support. We must mobilize them and work closely with them to save Israel from accepting "peace" plans that could lead to Israel's destruction.  

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel.


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