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33rd Year of Publication

   MAY 2003 -  Issue #156    


As Long As It Takes

Ruth King

When President Bush was hectored by journalists for a timetable for the war, he responded: as long as it takes. The President has been principled in his determination to remove a criminal regime that promotes terror. And under his leadership, our military has been free to think creatively and act flexibly. However, when it comes to the Israel-Arab conflict, the President resurrects the same repeatedly failed formula dating back to the Rogers Plan of 1969 and most recently embedded in the Oslo accords -- land for paper promises. In fact, the formula has grown more unsustainable with time. At least in 1969, the plan contemplated giving Judea and Samaria to Jordan, ruled by King Hussein, rather than to a terrorist group. Now the plan is to turn Judea, Samaria and Gaza over to terrorist leaders (from the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad) contending with each other over who hates Israel more and can inspire more hatred in the next generation.

In a pathetic effort to breathe life into this cadaver of a policy, last June the President declared that a Palestinian state would require "true reform," requiring "entirely new political and economic institutions, based on democracy, market economics, and action against terrorism." "True reform" has already been forgotten. Instead, President Bush hails the nomination of Abu Mazen as Prime Minister, even though Abu Mazen has been Arafat's faithful second-in-command since 1964 when the PLO was founded. As Jeff Jacoby aptly pointed out in the Boston Globe, suppose Saddam Hussein had sent word that in exchange for withdrawal of U.S. and British troops he would share power with a senior member of the Baathist inner circle and named Tariq Aziz as his official deputy, giving him the right to appoint some cabinet members, but keeping for himself control of the country's foreign and military affairs and retaining the right to fire Aziz at his pleasure. Would this have constituted the kind of "regime change" President Bush and Prime Minister Blair had in mind? Obviously not. Regime change at a minimum meant removing the dictator and his accomplices from power.

It is past time for the U.S. administration to promote practical alternatives. There are already two states in Palestine -- Jordan and Israel. In 1922, the British carved out 80% of Palestine that had been promised to the Jews, which would become the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. The natural and logical frontier of the 20% retained by the Jews was the Jordan River. This is the boundary that remains morally, historically, and legally binding, offering a modicum of security to the Jewish state.

It is also time to shatter the myth of Arab victimology resulting in three generations of so-called refugees. Those Arabs are victims of the cynical policies of other Arabs and the complicity of the United Nations which has made refugee camps into permanent institutions whose chief goals are terrorism and the destruction of Israel. The sooner the camps are razed and the UN is expelled, the more likely it is that a serious dialogue about resettlement in other parts of the Arab world can begin for those unwilling to live under Jewish sovereignty. Under Israeli control, it should be noted, even in the framework of serious security concerns, Arabs have more freedom -- of press, assembly, speech -- than in any Arab country.

The 1922 borders must be the final status borders. This is the true Road Map. It is time to scuttle the Rogers, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 plans, formulated on the false dogma that land concessions by Israel will bring peace to the region.

One may well ask when that elusive peace will come. It took millennia of longing for Jews to return to Palestine, during which they suffered pain, humiliation, dislocation, expulsion, and genocide. Jews still exist because the dream of a return to Israel sustained our people. Peace will come through deterrence, resolve, and the support of the United States. How long will it take? There is no timetable. As the President has said of the war with Iraq, as long as it takes.  

Ruth King is a member of the exectuive committee of Americans for a Safe Israel. Herbert Zweibon is in Israel.


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