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33rd Year of Publication

   NOVEMBER 2003 -  Issue #161    


A Jewish Road Map

Ruth King

The Jews have shown remarkable resiliency through ages in which they were harassed, dispossessed, murdered, and almost destroyed by genocide. In Israel, they made a wasteland bloom, created world class scientific, cultural, and social institutions, excelled in both war and agriculture (long considered non-Jewish pursuits), and fashioned a free-wheeling democracy in spite of the unrelenting hostility of the surrounding Arab world.

But when it comes to establishing policies that will enable it to survive in that world, Israel has long been mired in false beliefs with the potential to destroy the nation and the hopes and aspirations of the Jewish people. Israelis now contemplate the advent of a terrorist state in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza as "inevitable." Many clear headed Israeli commentators, such as Shmuel Katz, Sarah Honig, Naomi Ragen, and Carolyn Glick, have written cogently about the insanity of permitting this to happen. There are also politicians who speak out. Cabinet member Benny Elon denounces Oslo and any "road map" which calls for Israel's removal from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and the mayors of Jewish towns and cities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are also vocal in dissent. But they remain a distinct minority.

The word "annexation" is barely whispered, and the historical, religious, legal and strategic rights to the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River are seldom proclaimed. While there is much written on the dreadful conditions of the so-called "refugee" camps, most observers avoid demanding the destruction of the camps and resettlement of their populations in Arab countries (see the September Outpost for a rational plan for ending the refugee problem as a precondition for any possible broader settlement).

Instead of exerting sovereignty, Israel is building a fence along fictitious borders which loop like sausage links around the cities of Judea and Samaria. Israel gives up ancient Jewish shrines to mollify enemies of the Jews; they contemplate dividing Jerusalem; they talk tough one day but cringe and skulk the next.

It is time for Israel to face reality. No concessions will make the United Nations (with a few honorable exceptions, united only in hatred of Israel) accept them nor will it placate the Arabs and their Muslim sympathizers. Peace will come only through determination and strength and unity and the total destruction and disarming of the Palestinian Authority.

The King of Jordan has as much to lose from the creation of an irredentist entity in Judea and Samaria as Israel. If Israel extends its sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, loyal Jordanian Bedouin forces can share military patrols, border patrols, and intelligence with Israel. Local Arabs can enjoy Jordanian citizenship. Terrorists and their families, clerics, and academics that call for the destruction of Israel, should be deported. No doubt many will find tenured positions at elite American universities.

Arabs will have maximum opportunity for self expression and cultural freedom consonant with Israel's security. This may make them unhappy. They had a chance to make peace for fifty four years, and they waged war. They blew it. They are free to leave.

President Bush had it right when he spoke of Israel's "homeland" concerns. Israel -- including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Jerusalem, the Golan -- is the Jewish homeland, to be defended, governed and protected by Jews for Jews. That, and only that, is the basis for any negotiations.

If Israel would only voice this loud and clear, it might be surprised at how well a bold and principled stance would resonate with real friends. And it would bring back the old resilience and spunk that have kept us alive.  

Ruth King is a member of the executive committee of Americans For a Safe Israel. (Herbert Zweibon is in Israel.)


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