Posted on 3/14/2015 2:38:02 AM
Bibi shows he is a leader of the free world
Mark Langfan

AFSI's Chairman Mark Langfan, posted an article in Arutz Sheva today in which he lauds Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu for presenting the facts about Iran and its nuclear weapons program in front of Congress last week. He posits that this speech was the impetus for the Senate Republicans sending their letter to Iran this week, warning Iran that a deal signed with Obama would not stand if it is not reviewed and approved by Congress, and thus potentially, saving the world from a bad deal with Iran.




Everyone has heard of the story of the little boy who was the only person to tell the vain, delusional, self-absorbed emperor that he had no clothes.  Well, 47 brave US Senate Republicans have just told Iran that the vain, delusional, self-absorbed President Obama is constitutionally unclothed with respect to his Iran-Nuke-deal end-run around the US Senate. 

And there's only one reason the Senate Republicans took such a bold step: Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to the Joint Session of Congress.  For, as it stands, the only obstacle that could stop Obama's arm-Iran-with-nukes-deal is the Senate Republican Letter. 

Hence, PM Netanyahu may have saved the world from a catastrophic Obama-Iran-Nuke deal.

A little background is in order.  On November 4, 2014, I published an Arutz Sheva news story which outed Senior Obama Administration Foreign Policy staffer Ben Rhodes as saying the Obama Administration was trying to legally engineer an end-run around the US Senate ratification of any Iran Nuke deal.  Here's what I wrote:


The full article can be read here:

Netanyahu's Congress Speech May Have Saved the World



Looking ahead:

Caroline Glick, well-known author and journalist, gives her astute assessment of the situation in the Middle East concluding that Netanyahu is best suited to lead Israel going forward. She opines that he is best equipped to stand up to Iran and mounting U.S. pressure. We think you'll agree.

Israel's next 22 months


The next 22 months until President Barack Obama leaves office promise to be the most challenging period in the history of US-Israel relations.

Now unfettered by electoral concerns, over the past week Obama exposed his ill-intentions toward Israel in two different ways.

First, the Justice Department leaked its intention to indict Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez on corruption charges. Menendez is the ranking Democratic member, and the former chairman, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is also the most outspoken Democratic critic of Obama's policy of appeasing the Iranian regime.

As former US federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote this week at PJMedia, "It is perfectly reasonable to believe that Menendez may be guilty of corruption offenses and that his political opposition on Iran is factoring into the administration's decision to charge him. Put it another way, if Menendez were running interference for Obama on the Iran deal, rather than trying to scupper it, I believe he would not be charged."


The Menendez prosecution tells us that Obama wishes to leave office after having vastly diminished support for Israel among Democrats. And he will not hesitate to use strong-arm tactics against his fellow Democrats to achieve his goal.

We already experienced Obama's efforts in this sphere in the lead-up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the joint houses of Congress on March 3 with his campaign to pressure Democratic lawmakers to boycott Netanyahu's address.

Now, with his move against Menendez, Obama made clear that support for Israel - even in the form of opposition to the nuclear armament of Iran - will be personally and politically costly for Democrats.

The long-term implications of Obama's moves to transform US support for Israel into a partisan issue cannot by wished away. It is possible that his successor as the head of the Democratic Party will hold a more sympathetic view of Israel. But it is also possible that the architecture of Democratic fund-raising and grassroots support that Obama has been building for the past six years will survive his presidency and that as a consequence, Democrats will have incentives to oppose Israel.

The reason Obama is so keen to transform Israel into a partisan issue was made clear by the second move he made last week.


Last Thursday, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice announced that the NSC's Middle East Coordinator Phil Gordon was stepping down and being replaced by serial Israel-basher Robert Malley.









Daniella Weiss, tireless heroine from Kedumim, reports that Rabin Square in Tel-Aviv is ready for a huge right wing rally on Sunday evening, March 15th, 7 PM. Over 400 buses have already been booked to bring supporters from the outlying areas. Daniella expects the number to grow to one thousand. Helen Freedman and Charlie Bernhaut will be there with the crowd, cheering for a safe and whole Israel.