Posted on 5/9/2016 4:10:31 PM
Middle East Truth - Mark Langfan

AFSI's Chairman Mark Langfan has been prescient many times when it comes to his geo-political strategic analysis of the Middle East. In yesterday's Arutz Sheva he references a column he wrote nearly a year ago, where he correctly predicted Donald Trump would outlast his political opponents.

The importance of this prediction is that Langfan, in yesterday's column, follows up with a prediction of what a President Trump would understand, and thus do, about the Middle East, specifically Iran.

He does so by laying out out a "quick guide to the 5 keys to the Middle Eastern Real Estate's topographic, demographic, and asset-rich terrain."

Here is a summary of these 5 keys and how a President Trump would approach the region:
1. Iran is shooting to steal, for itself, the Black Gold Triangle, taking it from the Sunni Kingdoms. The Black Gold Triangle holds 56% of the world's oil...So, on the face of it, the Middle East is a Sunni-Shiite fight over the fertile-crescent's oil riches.

2. Topographically the 4,000 meter-high Zagros Mountains that form Iran's western border are the dividing line between Persia to the east, and the Arabs to the West, and all the oil is on the Arab's Western side. Therefore, Iran has really engaged in a Persian divide-and-conquer campaign to divide the Arabs among themselves, and to foment an intra-Arab genocide by inciting the Sunni-Shiite internecine hostilities. Iran's goal is to instigate Arab auto-genocide so that Iran can walk into the Black Gold Triangle without anyone stopping them. 

3. Israel will be seen as the key to forming a sustainable local regional Sunni defense alliance that will stop the Iranian hegemonic land-grab in its tracks.

4. The only thing that stands between Greece, a NATO member with 11 million Christians (that America is sworn to defend), and 370 million Muslims of the Middle East - is the safe and strong fortress of Eretz Israel including the entire 'West Bank' ...With a safe and secure Israel, there will be peace. With a defeated Israel, the Iranian Pandora's evil box will become unstoppable.

5. The West Bank is the topographic mountains that tower over the low lands of the Sharon Plain that hold 70% of Israel's Jewish population... the "2-State Solution" is the "Establishment's" prescription for an American catastrophic loss of its key geo-strategic asset in the region (i.e., Israel).

Using his famous maps that AFSI supporters are familiar with, AFSI's Chairman has been busy briefing elected officials on the true situation in the Middle East, as described in this article.

The truth is standing right in front of us. Mark Langfan is lifting the veil of deceit the current administration has pulled over our eyes for the past eight years. Please read his article.