Posted on 8/16/2016 3:05:05 PM
From Josh Hasten, International Director, Regavim


Dear friends of Regavim,


The Israeli Supreme Court on Monday gave the government a two-day extension on the deadline to deal with the illegal Arab squatters camp near the ancient Jewish town (and modern day Jewish community) of Sussiya.  

We are urging supporters in Israel and abroad to write to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to encourage them to take action against the illegal encampment. Immense pressure has been publicly put on the Israeli government by the U.S. State Department, European Union and tens of anti-Israel NGOs to halt plans to move the illegal squatters.

In the video posted here - Josh Hasten, Regavim's International Director calls on our supporters in Israel and abroad to strengthen the hand of The Prime Minister and Defense Minister, as they are faced with tremendous pressure from the international community to permit the illegal squatters' in Sussiya to remain on stolen Israeli State Land.

Please spend a moment to write to the Prime Minister and Defense Minister to let them know you support Israel's right to act as a sovereign power in her land and implement the rule of law.

Here are their e-mail addresses: 

Prime Minister Netanyahu:
Defense Minister Lieberman:


Regavim's Call to Action
Regavim's Call to Action

- Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

Bret Stephens' piece in today's Wall Street is recommended reading:
The Meaning of an Olympic Snub 
(available via link above to, or copy the link for a Google search)

As we know by now, Israel has faced overt anti-Semitism from several Arab countries at this year's Olympic games in Brazil. These include the Lebanese team refusing to share a bus ride with the Israeli contingent, and an Egyptian who refused to shake an Israeli opponent's hand (at least the crowd booed him and the Olympic committee censured him.)

The intent of the article is not just to document the continued hatred of Israel by the Arab world, but to posit that this hatred is the reason for ongoing hostilities in the Middle East and for the continued backwardness of Arab societies.

Several quotes of note from the article:
"Successful nations make a point of trying to learn from their neighbors. The Arab world has been taught over generations only to hate theirs."

So long as an Arab athlete can't pay his Israeli opposite the courtesy of a handshake, the disease of the Arab mind and the misfortunes of its world will continue. For Israel, this is a pity. For the Arabs, it's a calamity. The hater always suffers more than the object of his hatred.