Posted on 3/13/2017 3:04:00 PM
FInally: Fighting UNESCO Lies

Temple Mount with the Third Temple superimposed


Today's Times of Israel contains the following encouraging report:

"Hitting back at a controversial UNESCO resolution ignoring the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, senior Likud ministers put forward a proposal to establish a new government body what would preserve the holy site and educate about its Jewish history."


The Israeli government is finally responding with a plan to the base anti-Semitism rife within UNESCO and the United Nations itself. Over the past several years these august international bodies have passed numerous resolutions denying Jewish connection to holy sites within Israel. Thus, the Israeli government's legislating financial participation in educating about Jewish connection to the Land of Israel is the right decision and overdue.


The government's plan includes establishing a Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, "that will be responsible for research, information and advocacy about the Jewish connection to the site."


The article continues, 

"In recent years the State of Israel has been facing a deligitimization campaign based on a distortion of facts regarding the history, tradition and culture of the Jewish people. One of the peaks of this trend took place recently with the October 2016 UNESCO decision to attempt to nullify the connection of the Jewish people to the Temple Mount. In light of this trend, the government of Israel sees itself as responsible to prevent this disinformation and distortion of historical truth."


The government must be doing something right, as this initiative has caused anger and protestations from Arab members of the Knesset:


The Arabs can protest all they want. The Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, where the Jewish Temples once stood, is incontrovertible. Kudos to those Members of Knesset responsible for this initiative.