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What If...? By Richard Landes (
Muhammad al Dura - Fraud!

Richard Landes is an historian and author. He coined the term "Pallywood" which refers to"productions staged by the Palestinians, in front of (and often with cooperation from) Western camera crews, for the purpose of promoting anti-Israel propaganda by disguising it as news." He has worked closely with French media analyst Phillipe Karsenty, to uncover the lies of the Palestinian and pro-Palestinian media. Karsenty himself was sued for libel by the French television network, France 2, over accusations of staged footage by France 2 over the reported killing of 12-year-old Palestinian, Muhammad al-Durrah.

As in days past, many Jews today associate with leftist, progressive causes. Nowadays, however, many are being forced to evaluate their own Jewish values and connection to Israel, since being pro Israel has become anathema to the left.

Landes has written, I belong to the generation for which the fight against anti-Semitism was paramount to Jewish moral, political and religious identity. The struggle against anti-Semitism has held entire Jewish communities together, helping different strands of Judaism to overcome their divisions; it has made the State of Israel the center of Jewish life; it has been the focus of Jewish historical memory worldwide. But for the first time in modern history, significant segments of Jews in the West - the most powerful Jewish communities outside Israel - have sided with a political group from which emanates the stench of anti-Semitism. None other than a whole array of Jewish progressives took up the call to demonize their own people, to compare Israel to the Nazis, to join in with the most ferocious anti-semites in the world today, and call for Israel's "annihilation." 

What If...?

What if "right-wing" Israel is right about why the peace process has failed?
What if negotiations repeatedly failed because the Palestinians used every occasion to demand concessions from Israel and broke them off rather than reciprocate?
What if, when Palestinians say "the Occupation," they mean all Israel?
Does it make sense to use language like, "the whole world thinks the occupation is the problem"? and wring one's hands over the (imagined) loss of viability of the (imagined) two-state solution?
And then attack us?
What if the reason that the peace process has failed for so long is because Westerners (including Israel) think positive-sum, and Palestinian Arabs play hard zero-sum?
They want it all, and so do their jihadi brethren the world over - infidels must be dhimmi, starting with Israel.
What if Israel is fighting a common enemy with you liberals and progressives, Caliphaters who want to subject or convert infidels the world over?
Why would you side with your enemy against us?
What if your jihadis are watching and studying the deeds of our jihadis, to turn them against you?
Does it make sense for you to cheer them on when they're hitting us, and then wonder why they've hit you?
Does it make any sense to desire a two-state solution, passionately, and, when one side acts in bad faith, you take his side against the side that did try, did sacrifice, and lost big in the failed deal(s)?
Zionist propaganda, you say? Perhaps. And you'll find no lack of Jews and Israelis eager to confirm your disdain. But given that most of your information replicates Palestinian propaganda, that should hardly disqualify it as a source.
What if it's not just a "right-wing" point of view as you're told, but a realistic one, unhappily accepted by liberals and progressives who refuse to be seduced by unrealistic hopes, and who actually cherish and want to protect progressive values, endangered by misplaced trust in enemies of those values?
Do you help yourself by dismissing our war narrative as useless and adopting the Palestinian one? Or should you at least run through a "what if 'right wing' Jews are right" scenario.
Imagine all the people... getting it badly wrong....
Nah, emperor's new clothes scenarios are just kid's stories, not real.
And if you decline the invitation to even do that "what if...", are you not becoming a proleptic dhimmi who rejects speech - even thought - that might upset Triumphalist Muslims?
Own-Goal Cognition, anyone?

An AFSI Reader Responds To Yesterday's Piece,
So Far, It's Mostly Speculation

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The following response to yesterday's AFSI email is from Bill M. in Los Angeles.


I would like to say I entirely agree with all the points you make below.
What I would like to add is a potential solution.
For instance, no one would consider trying to "negotiate" a solution with the IS! President Trump has declared they have to be wiped out. And during WWII, none of the allies considered "negotiating" with Hitler.
But Israel is "supposed to work out an agreement" with the Palestinians. Being that the Israelis want to consider themselves good guys, they are on an endless search for "peace."
On the other hand, the Palestinians are a leading supporter of the IS.
Israel has to become diplomatically proactive. It is way too dependent on other states for solutions to its dilemma with the Arabs.
Shortly after Trump was elected, it might have been either MK Bennett or Lapid who said: "We have to figure out what we want from the United States." To me, this is preposterous! Israel has no "thinking leadership." What have they learned over the last 70 years?
When I was living in Israel in 1998, I was reading the Jerusalem Post newspaper, which ran a quiz. The reader was to select a year from a number of possibilities, from which the headlines were associated. These consisted of such items as; A Stoning, Bus Attack, Bombings, etc.
The correct year was: 1948. In other words, the terrorist attacks going on in 1998 were no different than what was going on 50 years earlier. By adding on another 19 years, I still don't see any difference in the security situation today.
The way the Israelis are going, it seems like they are waiting for the Arabs to figure out the situation. By then it may be too late.
What Israel doesn't seem to realize is that it is not in conflict with the Palestinians per se, but rather with the teachings of the Koran, which is similar to the doctrine of Nazism. With such philosophies, there is no room for negotiation.
This should be no cause for consternation, rather I have alluded to the solution above. It is a policy which Islamists understand very well, i.e., the use of force. Such a policy is used by the U.S. against its enemies, and Israel should follow similarly. (Note: Israel has a huge problem with thousands of illegal Eritreans and Sudanese living mainly in southern Tel Aviv. Although the flow of illegals into Israel has dropped dramatically since the building of a barrier along the Egyptian border, and many have been deported, Israel is still grappling with those remaining in the country.)
And as you know, thousands of illegal Mexicans and other Central Americans are being expelled from the U.S.
If Israel is beginning a new relationship with the new U.S. administration, they should take advantage of this opportunity by having the U.S. use its influence to transfer the Arabs west of the Jordan River, to the east bank, or some other Muslim territory, for all those who would be willing to do such. I doubt if too many would not take advantage of such an opportunity.
This might be accomplished by the U.S. creating "something great" in Jordan.
Thank you for your attention, 
Bill M.
An AFSI reader