Helen’s cell phone numbers: 917-886-0729; 054-347-0174

Judy’s cell phone in Israel: 052-628-8317

Ami, our bus driver’s cell: 052-282-8680


CELEBRATORY CHIZUK MISSION – MAY 17-25, 2017 – updated May 11, 2017

Group meets at Arrivals Building, Ben Gurion Airport at 1 PM on Wednesday, May 17

Wednesday afternoon, May 17 – board the bus at 1:30 PM.

 Travel to Haifa. Visit Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. at Matam Park in Haifa where Yaky Yanay, Co-CEO & President of the firm has arranged to meet with us to explain their extraordinary Bio-Technology achievements. We’ll check into the Dan Panorama hotel in Haifa for our two night stay. Dinner at the hotel and a free evening.


Thursday, May 18

Travel to the Golan with YIFA SEGAL of the Legal Forum leading us in Merom Golan, and Katzrin. Celebrate the return of the Golan to Israel. Dinner in the Golan with Golan Schwartz.  Return to hotel in Haifa. Pack for early departure Friday morning. We pay for portage so don’t be reluctant to ask for help with your luggage.


Friday, May 19

Depart 8:45 AM. Thanks to the efforts of Aharon Pulver, of the Israel Independence Fund, we have a special day ahead of us. We’ll begin with a visit to the Yogev Project at Moshav HaZorim, and meet young Sherut Leumi women involved with agricultural work and lifestyle. Following that, we have a 1 PM appointment with the Mayor of Nazareth Illit, Ronen Plot, former Director General of the Knesset, appointed by Yuli Edelstein. Continue on to Har Yonah, the area that was opened for Haredi settlement when Shimon Gafsou, was mayor. Continue on to the ancient city of Tsfat.  Check into the elegant and scenic Rimon hotel in Tsfat.  Optional Kabbalat Shabbat services, followed by sumptuous Shabbat dinner.


Shabbat, May 20

Services at synagogue of your choice. Elegant Shabbat lunch at hotel.  After some rest time, we will meet at 4 PM with Rebbetzin Chaya Bracha Leiter for a history filled walking tour of Tsfat, followed by Seudah Shleeshit at ASCENT, and concluding with a joyful Havdalah.  Motzei Shabbat optional event with Charlie Bernhaut back at the Rimon. Pack up for travel to Yerushalayim. Again, call porters for assistance with your luggage if you wish.



Sunday, May 21

Depart at 9AM. We have a full day in the Shomron. Our first stop will be one of the very first Shomron communities, Kedumim. We’ll meet with Shosh and Mayor Hananelat a beautiful new outdoor park.  We’ll proceed on to Itamar, where we will have a unique lunch at the beautiful Givat Olam, organized for us by Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith. We travel on to Yitzhar and our friends Ayelet and Akiva HaCohen, and then to Shilo to see the new area for the building of the Amona homes. Our friend from the displaced Amona community, Elad Ziv, will be our guide there. We’ll then drive into Ariel for a hearty dinner at a recommended restaurant. We’ll proceed to the studio of Ezri Tubi, the wonderful musician and One Man Hasbarah Machine – Creator of the You Tube BOOMERANG series which Fights for Israel. 

We continue on to Jerusalem and check into the Dan Jerusalem hotel on Har Hatsofim. We were bumped from the Dan Panorama because of President Trump’s visit to Yerushalayim. Fortunately, we have a beautiful hotel with lovely amenities; however, the location is not as good as the Panorama, but we have no choice.


Monday, May 22

9 AM - E1tour with Josh Hasten of Regavim. We will see the illegal Arab building, financed by the EU, which continues to grow in this connecting link between Yerushalayim and Maale Adumim. We travel on to Maale Adumim with Dan Luria of Ateret Cohanim and enjoy a late morning meeting with Mayor Kashriel. Lunch at the Waffle Bar in Maaleh Adumim. Travel back to Yerushalayim via the Mufti’s home in Ganei Yitzchak, Kidmat Zion, and Maaleh HaZeitim. Dinner at the hotel at 5:30The Moskowitz Awards will proceed as scheduled at Sultan’s Pool. We will meet the approved buses at Teddy Stadium at 7PM. This is an optional event.


Tuesday, May 23 – plans may change because of Trump visit.

Early morning visit to the Temple Mount –Participants meet at 7 AM in the hotel lobby, with passports, for departure by taxi to the Mount. Rabbi Chaim Richman, who has guided us innumerable times, will once again lead us on a halachic tour of the holy site. The entire group will re-assemble at 10:00 for a drive to theAtarot area of northern Yerushalayim, a largely Arab area. Plans for a large Jewish community are in the works for that same area. If possible, Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King, a good AFSI friend, and head of the Israel Land Fund, will guide us there.  We will continue on to the Levi Eshkol museumfor our noon visit. This newly opened home served as the official residence of Prime Ministers David Ben-Gurion, Levi Eshkol, and Golda Meir between 1950-1974. It is located at 46 Sderot Ben Maimon in the heart of Yerushalayim. We will have lunch at the museum and enjoy a talk with someone who was a personal friend of PM Eshkol. At 3 PM we have a date to participate in the Siftingprogram– going through the remains of what the Arabs removed from the Temple Mount and threw into the Kidron Valley. We’ll then drive to Machene Yehuda, the storied, vibrant market place in the heart of Yerushalayim, where we’ll have dinner with the group in an area restaurant. Those who choose, may explore on their own after dinner. The rest will return to the Dan Jerusalem.

Optional – Yom Yerushalayim prayer service at the Great Synagogue – 8:45 PM. You will have an opportunity to hear the world renowned Chazan Chaim Adler and the beautiful Great Synagogue choir, led by Maestro Eli Jaffe. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of the UK will also be present, as will Malcolm Hoenlein, CEO of the Conference of Presidents.


Wednesday, May 24

Yom Yerushalayim – 50th Anniversary –Ken Abramowitz will join us after breakfast at 9:30 AM to talk with us about How to Save Western Civilization from itself. We’ll meetChaim Silberstein at 11 AM for a four hour tour of the memorable sites of the 1967 victories, starting with Ammunition Hill. We’ll join in the massive Flag Parades around the Old City.  AFSI members will participate that evening, at very special rates, in the Ateret Cohanim dinner at Tayelet Hall, Olmaya. – Back to the Dan Jerusalem


Thursday, May 25

This is our last day of the tour, so we will be fully packed up and ready to leave Jerusalem, traveling south, at 9:30 AM. Arrive in Hebron to celebrate Hebron Day in Hebron with original “settlers”. Yehudit Katzover, co-leader of Women in Green and spearhead of the Sovereignty Conferences, was there at the beginning. She will be with us, accompanied by WIG co-leader Nadia Matar. Rabbi Waldman, founder of the Yeshivat Nir in Kiryat Arba, Elyakim HaEtzni, another Hebron pioneer, and Sarah Nachshon, whose remarkable courage opened the Hebron cemetery to Jews, will round out the panel. Noam Arnon, leader of the Hebron community will serve as moderator. We’ll hear their stories about the efforts to reclaim Hebron after the 1967 victories. Following lunch, and a tour of Hebron highlights, we’ll proceed to Oz V’Gaon with Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover where we will visit our AFSI landmarks. Time permitting, we’ll view the film relating the story of Gush Etzionand then go to the ROZA restaurant in the Gush for a gala dinner where we will say our fond farewells.

Depart Gush Etzion at 8:30 PM for Ben Gurion airport for midnight and post-midnight flights to NY – departing May 26 – arriving 6AM Friday, May 26