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Some of these pamphlets were written many years ago, but much of their content is either historically interesting or timeless. For instance, David Kirk's "The Friendly Perversion" is about what happens when a religion of pacifism goes astray.

"The Hidden Alliances of Noam Chomsky" tells you about this icon of the left and his links to - neo-Nazis!

"The Palestinians - A Political Masquerade" has valuable historical information about both Jews and Arabs in the holy land.

"Should America Guarantee Israel's Safety" tells the cautionary tale of how the American relationship with Taiwan changed as befriending mainland China became America's goal. It also talks about UN forces in Lebanon, and how they took sides with the PLO, including firing on Israeli troops. This pamphlet should have been read by past Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert before he recently decided to rely on the U.N. to rein in Hezbollah.

Other pamphlets talk about how radical leftists made repeated efforts to burrow into the Jewish community. "What Shimon Says" looks at the unusually foolish statements so often uttered by Israel's former left-wing president. So while the pamphlets are dated, they are worth reading.

Jabotinsky - The Man and The Vision (2010)

The Hidden Alliances of Noam Chomsky (1988)

The Friendly Perversion (1979)

What Shimon Peres Says (2001)

Shimon Says (1996)

The Palestinians - A Political Masquerade (1977)

Sadat's Strategy (1979)

Breira - Counsel for Judaism (1977)

NBC's War in Lebanon - The Distorting Mirror (1983)

Should America Guarantee Israeli's Safety? (1993)

The Americanization of Peace Now (1980)

The New Israel Fund (1990)

The New Jewish Agenda (1987)

Dubious Allies - The Arab Media's War of Words Against America

Compiled by Jeff Daube, Introductions By Rael Jean Isaac This pamphlet can be ordered from AFSI for $5.00 including shipping - for details email