Can There Really Be Peace?

Following the heinous terror attack by Israel Arabs resulting in the murder of two Israeli Druze border policemen near the Temple Mount, Israel implemented additional security measures to help prevent subsequent attacks.
These measures included the installation of magnetometers, a sophisticated type of metal detector, and additional cameras. The Arab reaction was swift and damning, claiming that the measures were illegal, an attempt by Israel to usurp control over the Temple Mount, and were an affront to their dignity. Unstated was the fact that heavy security measures have existed at other religious sites throughout the Middle East, including, of course, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
As a result of these measures, there were calls made by the Jordanian Waqf for Muslims not to enter the Temple Mount for prayers, and many protested and prayed outside. Muslims avoid Temple Mount
As a benefit to this protest, for the first time in years, Jews were able to ascend the Temple Mount without being escorted by Waqf police. May it continue permanently! Jews ascend Temple Mount – without Waqf escort
What was disturbing but not unexpected, were the celebrations and praise given to the terrorists. A sampling:
As stated above, the celebration of the terrorists and their actions was not unexpected, even from the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. However, this glorification only confirms the false expectations of peace one can have, considering such words and actions.
How many times must Abbas’ lies be pointed out, including his lies to President Trump at the White House, about teaching peace to Palestinian children? How can Israel trust its peace treaty with Jordan when that country’s government calls for the withdrawal of Israel’s ambassador as a result of Arab terrorism?
While the Trump administration is gearing up to re-engage Israel and the Palestinian Arabs in another “peace process”, such attempts will continue to be meaningless given the firm belief one side has of the other side’s lack of a right to even exist.

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