June, 1967: From The Depths To The Heights

Levi Eshkol, Israeli Prime Minister during the Six-Day War, with US President Lyndon Johnson The LBJ Presidential Library was one ...
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On Wednesday we posted a piece about President Trump, the “art” of a Middle East peace deal, and the illogic and ...
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Deny Terror Supporter Jibril Rajoub Entry Into The United States

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) and American families of Palestinian terror victims, have initiated a call to the US government to ...
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Is Peace On The Horizon? How About Israeli Sovereignty?

A simplistic yet realistic view of the narrowness of Israel’s “waistband”, and the topographic reality of the high land of ...
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One-Two Punch Against The Israel Haters at the UN!

President Trump may have made some questionable appointments during his first two months in office, but one can only have ...
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AIPAC In Washington: AFSI Was There To Promote Sovereignty

This year’s AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. is in full swing and AFSI is well represented. Judy Kadish, AFSI’s Co-Executive ...
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In Dire Need Of Jewish Unity

Am Echad, Lev Echad – One People, One Heart Historical voting patterns show clearly that an overwhelming percent of American ...
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It’s Still Up In The Air

AFSI offers a hearty Congratulations to David Friedman, newly confirmed U.S. Ambassador to Israel! Earlier today, the Senate voted 52-46 on a procedural ...
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Can The U.S. Force Limitations On Israeli Building

Can The U.S. Force Limitations On Israeli Building?

Community of Efrat, south of Jerusalem, between Hebron and Bethlehem Soon enough, details will emerge about the meetings being held ...
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