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AFSI Executive Co-Director Interview on Daystar Television

AFSI Executive Co-Director Helen Freedman’s
Interview on Daystar Television
Daystar Television Network is a Christian-based religious broadcast television network. In 2006, the Israeli government gave Daystar a license to broadcast in Israel, and the cable provider HOT carries them.
While in Israel on the latest Chizuk Mission, AFSI’s Executive Co-Director Helen Freedman was afforded an opportunity to be interviewed by the network. Helen’s important remarks about AFSI’s place among pro-Israel organizations, and the current matzav (situation) can be seen starting around the 8:30 minute mark on video available via this link.
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Executive of Israeli Bio-Tech Firm Explains Stem Cell To AFSI

Yaky Yanay, President and Co-CEO of Pluristem Therapeutics





Yaky Yanay, President and Co-CEO of Pluristem Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PSTI), addressed a group interested in learning about the Israeli developer of cell therapy.  The lunchtime discussion was sponsored by the South Florida chapter of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and  took place at a kosher restaurant in Miami Beach on Wednesday, July 19th.  Several members of AFSI were given a tour of the Pluristem plant in the MATAM Industrial Park in Israel during their May mission, and were excited to hear him again.

Yanay began his talk with the fact that while we have doubled life expectancy in the last 150 years, “there is a significant decrease in quality of life as we age. The current standards of care allow the body to live longer, but not always better.” Our current health systems, and the financial costs of this population, especially in the healthcare realm, are becoming an increasing drain on governments and economies.

According to Yanay, elderly people are hospitalized for too long per incident and suffer from chronic ailments far too often; they are consuming drugs for much longer than recommended by physicians and many lose mobility.
Pluristem’s cell therapy products, derived from placenta from C-sections, are designed to treat patients by stimulating their bodies’ own regenerative mechanisms.  The treatment is off-the-shelf and needs no tissue matching, making it significantly less expensive and considerably more convenient than other treatments.



Yanay held up a small vial to show the attendees and said, “In this vial there are over 100,000,000 (one hundred million) stem cells. From one placenta, Pluristem can manufacture as many as 20,000 treatments. Our cell therapy treatment and regenerative medicine in general works by secreting proteins supporting the healing process. We help the body heal itself.”

Tobias Winkler, a physician at Charite, Germany’s largest university hospital, said Pluristem’s cell therapy could prove effective in treating any number of challenges associated with immunological stress regularly experienced by the elderly. He explained that the human body is constantly regenerating itself to ward off diseases and combat injuries. Since older people’s regenerative systems have generally been eroded due to this process, it has fewer beneficial cells to fight off these attacks, leading to less effective regeneration in the elderly. Thus, this treatment could be a game-changer.

“We urgently need to regenerate better,” said Winkler. “I think the potential of these cells to help in the regeneration process is really promising.”

Another promising application of the therapy, currently in testing, is an injection which seems to help tissue exposed to radiation, from radiation treatments, or even from a catastrophic situation such as a nuclear plant meltdown or by use of a nuclear-tipped missile. Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), results from bodily exposure to extreme doses of radiation.  
The injected cells secrete growth hormones, and can be used even before ARS has been diagnosed, according to Dr. Arik Eisenkraft, Pluristem’s director of homeland security.
If the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funds the next step — which Pluristem is waiting to hear about — the treatment will move into a large trial in non-human primates. The trial is essentially equivalent to a late-stage trial in humans, Eisenkraft said. (A human trial can’t ethically be performed because it involves radiation.)


Should everything go as planned, an approval decision from the Food and Drug Administration could be expected somewhere around late 2018, he said.  Still, when it comes to radiation damage, PLX-R18 won’t help with everything. The treatment doesn’t address radioactive materials like radioactive dust, which can also harm human health, for example.

“We also must acknowledge our limits,” Eisenkraft said. “Probably there will be victims we won’t be able to help, unfortunately… But at least those that we can help will benefit from this technology and this advanced medical treatment.”


“Having a widely available, universally tolerable, effective and low-cost treatment for ARS would  help in our defense of civilians and defuse the threats posed by rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran.”, said Carol Flatto, South Florida chapter chair of Americans For a Safe Israel


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Qalqilya: A Follow-Up

The last time Qalqilya was in the news – about a week ago – Prime Minister Netanyahu postponed a government decision to permit a huge increase in new construction for this Arab town, just meters from Route 6 and Jewish communities. This was due to a lack of a majority in his cabinet for the proposal to pass.
However, American pressure is such, that Netanyahu cannot take it off the table. It looks like he will be holding another vote on the plan, 10 days after the first one, i.e. in just a few days.
Meantime, heavy pressure is being brought to bear on Israel’s cabinet members to approve it. PLEASE WRITE TO THEM – particularly Ministers Erdan, Gallant and Yisrael Katz – and URGE them to vote AGAINST the Qalqilya plan!
Here is a sample letter:
Dear Ministers Erdan Gallant and Yisrael Katz,
Qalqilya is LESS crowded then Bnai-Brak, Israel! Please DO NOT give Qalqilya Israel’s scarce land!
Also, any land considered “private property” near Qalqilya is actually chaos –multiple-owned (“fragmented”) land: Dozens of grandchildren or even great-grandchildren may now co-own a field which long ago might have been worked by a single farmer. When the Palestinian Authority gets its hands on such land, it simply forces the owners to sell.
In any case, why should the Palestinian Authority or the Qalqilya Municipality be allowed to force-sell the land near Qalqilya, which is in (Israeli) Area C? Israel should do the selling (to Israelis – again, this is Area C; the Palestinians can buy and use land in Areas A, B and Jordan) and if necessary, divide the proceeds among any genuine Palestinian owners, if they actually exist.

Sincerely, (YOUR FULL NAME)

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Can There Really Be Peace?

Following the heinous terror attack by Israel Arabs resulting in the murder of two Israeli Druze border policemen near the Temple Mount, Israel implemented additional security measures to help prevent subsequent attacks.
These measures included the installation of magnetometers, a sophisticated type of metal detector, and additional cameras. The Arab reaction was swift and damning, claiming that the measures were illegal, an attempt by Israel to usurp control over the Temple Mount, and were an affront to their dignity. Unstated was the fact that heavy security measures have existed at other religious sites throughout the Middle East, including, of course, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
As a result of these measures, there were calls made by the Jordanian Waqf for Muslims not to enter the Temple Mount for prayers, and many protested and prayed outside. Muslims avoid Temple Mount
As a benefit to this protest, for the first time in years, Jews were able to ascend the Temple Mount without being escorted by Waqf police. May it continue permanently! Jews ascend Temple Mount – without Waqf escort
What was disturbing but not unexpected, were the celebrations and praise given to the terrorists. A sampling:
As stated above, the celebration of the terrorists and their actions was not unexpected, even from the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. However, this glorification only confirms the false expectations of peace one can have, considering such words and actions.
How many times must Abbas’ lies be pointed out, including his lies to President Trump at the White House, about teaching peace to Palestinian children? How can Israel trust its peace treaty with Jordan when that country’s government calls for the withdrawal of Israel’s ambassador as a result of Arab terrorism?
While the Trump administration is gearing up to re-engage Israel and the Palestinian Arabs in another “peace process”, such attempts will continue to be meaningless given the firm belief one side has of the other side’s lack of a right to even exist.
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AFSI In Our Nation’s Capital

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on the Taylor Force Act

AFSI Co-Executive Director Judy Kadish is in Washington this week attending the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on the Taylor Force Act. If passed, the bill will require the US to cut funding to the PA for its continued financial support to convicted terrorists.

While in Washington, Judy is also meeting with officials to discuss issues related to Israel, and to educate on the Edmund Levy report, published in 2012 but never officially adopted and acted on by the Israeli government. This report on Israel’s entitlement to the land comprising Judea and Samaria concluded that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is not an occupation, and recommends the legalization of Jewish communities situated there.

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Expanding Qalquilya: A Dangerous Plan Temporarily Put On Hold

In what is no less than an absolutely misguided and dangerous idea, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is promoting a government plan to double the size of the Arab town of Qalqilya by adding up to 14,000 new housing units to it.
Doing so would push the town up against the security barrier running along the pre-1967 line, bringing Qalqilya within extremely close proximity to Highway 6 and Israeli communities, especially Kfar Saba and Kochav Yair.
Thankfully, the vote to enable this to happen was (temporarily) put on hold yesterday, as Netanyahu calculated he did not have to support for it to pass. ‘Qalqilya Plan’ frozen
We find it inexplicable that the government would approve a plan such as this, especially while it promotes a “quiet freeze” on the construction of new Jewish building, regardless of its pronouncements to the contrary.
As Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said on hearing that the “Qalqilya Plan” has been shelved for now, “I welcome the move. This is one step in the right direction. I call on the Prime Minister to complete the move and remove this hallucinatory plan that endangers the Sharon region and Samaria from the agenda – and to devote a little more time to advancing construction plans for the citizens of the State of Israel in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and throughout the country,”
As if the Arabs need help from Israel in taking over land. Click here for an alarming report on ongoing Arab actions to encroach on land in Gush Etzion by creating illegal “facts on the ground.”
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