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IF NOT US, our Youth Program in Israel is bringing thousands of students attending gap year programs in Israel on free day trips into Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and areas currently experiencing conflict. Students are learning the truth about Israel and understanding the importance of a whole Israel. The goal is to have them return home with the ability and desire to spread the truth to their families and friends and stand up for Israel. Extending the education further, we have developed an Ambassador Program to identify selected youth with leadership potential and give them professional training in order to help them emerge as strong young advocates for Israel. They will stand with Israel as part of Am Yisrael. We feel this is the next frontier in Israel Advocacy.

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Student Comments

  • Kaila
    Seeing Jews and Arabs work together and showing there can be peace if it was wanted
  • Tziporah
    Learning about Yericho and its lack of terrorism in comparison with other areas
  • Mackenzie
    Going to Rabbi Uri's house and learning why he would sign off on paying off his mortgage even if he would have to give up his house, all to live where he does and stand for our rights
  • Barry
    Seeing interaction of Arabs and Israelis in the industrial area and Khan al Amar - it really gave a very clear picture to a news story that is so important for proponents of Israel to fully understand. Also being in Rav Uri’s home - a settler - is so powerful. It is important to see that settlers aren’t crazy extremists as they are portrayed in the media
  • Avi
    We learned how the Jews keep the Palestinians safe from Hamas because if we left and gave them the land Hamas would just take the land from them and fire rockets at Israel
  • Shua
    Seeing that the checkpoints were not abusing anyone and are peaceful
  • Anonymous
    Although I already knew the facts, being able to see the way things work take it to a whole new level
  • Isabelle
    Having a visual idea of what’s really going on and how to be able to make our own true statements based off of our visual proof
  • Miriam
    Seeing that Arabs and Israelis work together
  • Ronit
    Visual proof to fight the false statements that other people make
  • Avigail
    Seeing the truth behind many false rumors
  • Asher
    Most Impact: The trip to the factory - seeing the Palestinians and the Jews working hand in hand on a daily basis
  • Leat
    I liked the discussion of the myths about the treatment of Palestinians and how they were all disproven
  • Ahuva
    Seeing the Arabs and Jews working together and I really liked the outpost and how these families are giving so much up to settle the land and their dedication to the state of Israel
  • Nechama
    The part of the IF NOT US trip that had the most impact on me was going to the industrial dry cleaning and seeing Jews, Palestinian Arabs, and Israeli Arabs all working together..
  • Malka
    I really enjoyed the laundry factory of seeing Arabs work with Jews. It is important to understand that there’s is some form of harmony.
  • Ben
    Learning about the Bedouin community at Khan Al-Ahmar and seeing how the international community has impacted that situation

Students-Go to Survey

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