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The Latest About Israel and the Middle East (a roundup of important news items)

Are Israel and Saudi Arabia “allies” against Iran? Saudi Arabia has united with Israel against Iran – and a desert storm is brewing Peace with the “Palestinian” Arabs? Not very likely. In Article On Occasion Of Balfour Declaration Centenary, Palestinian Authority President ‘Abbas Says Any Final Resolution Of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Must Include Implementation Of UN […]

The Chizuk Mission Continues

The group spent the entire day Wednesday in Yerushalayim, which began early for their visit to the Temple Mount. Yaakov Hayman, head of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, under the umbrella of the Israel Independence Fund, was their guide. Later that morning, the entire group met with longtime AFSI friend Dan Luria, Executive Director of […]

AFSI’s Fall 2017 Mission Begins!

AFSI’s Fall 2017 Chizuk Mission kicked off yesterday (Tuesday) with a visit to Palmachim, a beautiful community on the Mediterranean coast, originally created as a kibbutz by members of the Palmach. Today it is also home to a community of Gush Katif refugees who have re-settled in the area. There, they were guided through Beit […]

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