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The Eclipse of Western Civilization

by Jonathan Grauman, AFSI Research Analyst What are we Wearing: Safety Glasses or Blinders? Earlier this week, hundreds of millions of people across the United States witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular event – a total eclipse of the sun. People reserved flights, hotels and automobiles years in advance in order to be situated in a perfect […]

Our Condolences

Americans For a Safe Israel expresses its condolences to the families of the victims of today’s heinous terror attack in Barcelona, Spain – as of this writing, at least thirteen murdered and 50 injured. We wish a full and speedy recovery to those wounded. We have two thoughts on today’s attack: 1. This was a car […]

Whither the American Jewish Community?

Isi Leibler has a very important article in the Jerusalem Post about the troubling state of anti-Semitism and American Jewry today: ACCELERATING CHAOS WITHIN THE AMERICAN JEWISH COMMUNITY Historically, much or most anti-Semitism in the U.S. has been attributed to the radical Right. While there has always been anti-Semitism from the Left, it has been […]

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