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Will Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty in the Golan Heights Be Trump’s Next Move?

AFSI maintains that questions surrounding the “recognition” of Israel’s’ sovereignty over the Golan Heights is wasted conversation because the Golan Heights exists as a strategic territory which has been held by the Jewish state for over 50 years. That is the REALITY!! The real “recognition” needed is by nations of the world to accept the […]

Israel Retaliating Against Kite Flyers

Early this afternoon, an IDF aircraft targeted infrastructure belonging to Hamas along the southern Gaza Strip after a group of terrorists launched arson balloons into Israeli territory. On Sunday, the Israel Air Force targeted three cells launching incendiary balloons across the Gaza Strip, only hours after it struck the vehicle of one of the leaders […]

AFSI Was There – With Women in Green – Holding Onto the Land That Would Become the New Home for the Displaced Jews of Netiv HaAvot

It was the Fall of 2011 and Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI was in Israel with its Chizuk Mission, preparing to go to Hebron for Shabbat Chaye Sarah. We had previously arranged with Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover of Women in Green (WIG) to meet them in Netzer, a contested area between Alon Shvut and […]

Americans for a Safe Israel in DC, Sharing Information with Congressional Leaders

Helen Freedman and Judy Freedman Kadish, AFSI’s Co-Executive Directors, traveled down to Washington DC on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 for two days of meets and greets with pro-Israel Members of Congress and their supporters. A gala dinner on Tuesday night, sponsored by EMET, featured founder and leader Sarah Stern, along with a host of honorees. Mark […]

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