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Regavim Reports: Land Un-Regulation Continues in Area C, Special Welcome For Netanyahu in Sde Boker

Brigadier General Ghassan Alian, Commander of the Civil Administration, during a hearing in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: The Palestinian Authority employs hundreds of people to register real estate in Judea and Samaria – including in areas under full Israeli control, while the Civil Administration has only about 20 people dealing with this issue. […]


Thirty-five years after he began serving a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally, former Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard will soon be able to make aliyah to Israel. On Friday, the US Parole Commission formally lifted his parole restrictions. Pollard, 66, and his wife, Esther, said through their spokespeople on Saturday night that […]

Trying to Hold On to the Land in Homesh

IDF and Border Police forces were brought in to evacuate the students from the rebuilt Homesh yeshiva in Samaria Monday morning. The yeshiva was part of the Homesh community which was one of the four Jewish communities of Samaria which were destroyed as part of the disastrous 2005 Disengagement. During the evacuation, Border Police forces […]

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