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They Will Bear Full Responsibility: Israel Carries Out Air Strikes Against Syria

In an extraordinary statement, the IDF confirmed early today that, in a rare daytime attack, it struck multiple Iranian military targets in Syria on Sunday. This was in response to a missile fired by Iranian forces at the Golan Heights on Sunday afternoon. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted the missile fired by Iranian […]

How Do You Answer the Question?

Speaking the truth about Israel is Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, Mark Regev. In a recent BBC interview, Regev defended Israel’s actions at the Gaza border. “I’d ask you the following question: In Gaza we pulled out, we redeployed behind the 1967 line, which is, from the international community’s point, the recognised [sic] border. […]

Starting Next Year

Arutz Sheva reports that Israel is stepping up its fight against UNRWA. Starting next year, UNRWA will not be permitted to operate in eastern Jerusalem and will be replaced by municipal schools. It appears that US President Donald Trump’s decisions against the UN agency for “Palestinian refugees” provided the impetus needed to further tackle the […]

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