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Did the IAEA Forget Something?

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s “surrender” to Iran is a “black mark” on the UN watchdog, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the beginning of Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting. He was referring to the IAEA’s decision to end its probe into a nuclear facility in Marivan, in western Iran, where traces of uranium were found in 2019. […]

A Problem That Must Be Fixed

A recent earthquake drill in Beit Shemesh revealed that in various areas in Ramat Beit Shemesh, the air raid sirens are not audible, Kikar Hashabbat reported. During Operation Shield and Arrow, when rockets were fired towards Beit Shemesh, many residents said they did not hear the siren, and only found out about the rocket fire when they […]

Levin: We’ll Do it Right

Justice Minister Yariv Levin has expressed his lack of faith in the process by which the Judicial Selection Committee chooses judges. According to Israel Hayom, Levin recently told political sources that, “There will not be judicial appointments using the method of Ayelet Shaked. I do not believe in this approach for performing appointments. What is important […]

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