The Helen Freedman Netzah Program

A program of  Americans for a Safe Israel and the Vision Movement to Connect Jewish students to Judea and Samaria and a whole Israel.

AFSI has teamed up with the Jerusalem based program, ATID, to offer a program we named Netzah (eternal). Led by Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen of Judea, ATID is an exploration of Jewish identity and the Diaspora student relationship to the authentic Jewish narrative and sense of national mission. In February 2020 AFSI funded a very successful trip into Samaria for the program’s students. Going forward, Gd willing, other Diaspora students who are spending time in Israel involved in Gap Year in Israel, Study Abroad and other programs will be encouraged to join these trips.

After many years of taking adult groups to Judea, Samaria and other areas experiencing conflict, Helen was convinced that AFSI’s next most important mission was to bring young people to these areas so that they would be educated about Israel’s truth.

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