AFSI Chizuk Mission On The Move!

It was a busy few days for the AFSI Chizuk Mission, traveling throughout Yehuda and Shomron:

On Friday, they visited Oz V’Gaon where they were greeted by Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover, leaders of Women In Green. MK Yehuda Glick and AFSI’s Helen Freedman and Judy Freedman Kadish gave greetings to the assembly. AFSI Board member Ken Abramowitz gave the morning talk on SavetheWest. The group was privileged to walk the new Zionism path celebrating 120 years since the first Zionist Congress and 50 years since the liberation of Gush Etzion.

At Oz V’Gaon

This was followed by a visit to the Boys’ Promenade, newly built in Gush Etzion, and then a meeting with members of the Netiv Avot, Elazar community, where they learned firsthand about the threats by the Israeli government to destroy their homes.


Members of Netiv Avot meeting with AFSI, discussing government threats to
expel them and destroy their homes

The group then continued on to Hebron for Shabbat lodging at their traditional “home” in Kiryat Arba, Yeshivat Nir.

Members of the mission joined tens of thousands of people Friday night for stirring and inspirational Shabbat services at the Maarat HaMachpela in Hebron, followed by dinner at the home of AFSI’s good friend, David Wilder.

Shabbat Chaye Sarah was spent in Hebron where the group had lunch with members of the Hebron Fund, followed by a tour of the city with David Wilder and Hebron leaders.

Chabad had a strong presence in Hebron this Shabbat, and hosted visitors for meals in a beautiful tent.

Chabad tent in Hebron, providing a beautiful place for visitors to eat during
Shabbat Chaye Sarah
Posing on the roof of the Beit Machpela in Hebron,
after Shabbat

At the Yatir Winerye

They then meet with Mr. Arye Odess at a private home in Sussya, who spoke about the transition from Gush Katif to Har Hevron.

Mr. Arye Odess, meeting with the group

In Mitzpe Yair they met with Mayor Yochai Damri, to learn about the eighteen Jewish communities which comprise the Har Hebron bloc. Rabbi Aaron Egeltqal, head of Friends of Har Hebron, greeted the group.

Hangin’ with soldiers in Mitzpe Yair

Finally, they headed for the Israel Air Force Museum in Hatserim, outside BeerSheva, followed by dinner and lodging in Ashkelon.

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