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Ceasefire Broken, War Resumes

The IDF has announced the renewal of fighting in Gaza after the Hamas terror organization violated the terms of the operational pause.

An IDF spokesperson said that IAF aircraft are attacking Hamas targets in Gaza. A diplomatic source said, “We are renewing the fighting with all our might. There are no negotiations for the release of hostages.”

At the same time, the IDF’s Home Front Command updated the guidelines for the Israeli public, and in most cities in central Israel, schools will be open only in locations where a protected space is accessible within the required amount of time.

Live updates: IDF resumes combat against Hamas, by Israel National News, December 4, 2023


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A Good Reference Guide for the War

The Kohelet Forum published a really good pamphlet that discusses all the issues of the “Swords of Iron” Gaza war. Not only is Hamas clearly guilty of genocide, but that status obligates all nations to assist Israel.

A Great Guide to How Israel is Adhering to International Law – and Hamas is Violating It, by Elder of Ziyon, December 3, 2023

The “Swords of Iron” War and International Law – Q &A, by Adv. David Peter and Adv. Avraham (Russell) Shalev





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Residents: We Can’t Breath!

The Civil Administration is struggling to deal with the fire hazard at pirate garbage sites created by Arabs in Judea and Samaria, the Binyamin Council slammed.

“An illegal Arab waste site near the town of Ateret in Binyamin on Sunday night caused thick smoke, which infiltrated the residents’ homes and disturbed their sleep. The smoke continues to suffocate the town this morning as well,” the Council said.

Binyamin Council head Israel Ganz stated, “This is a systemic hazard which stems from the abandonment on the ground. Unfortunately, the Civil Administration does not do enough, and the results harm the health of our residents and the health of the residents of central Israel. The incinerators are operating this morning in additional locations in Binyamin. This is a serious hazard which has a direct connection to security – because governance and security go hand-in-hand.”

Illegal waste site in Ramallah chokes residents of Jewish town, by Israel National News, December 4, 2023





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Terror Strikes Jerusalem. Netanyahu Must Finish the Job

This morning three people were murdered and others wounded in a shooting attack carried out by two Eastern Jerusalem Arabs at one of the entrances to Jerusalem. Later in the early afternoon, a Palestinian Authority terrorist used his vehicle to attack Israelis at the IDF checkpoint next to Moshav Beka’ot in the northern Jordan Valley.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed fears that the extended ceasefires would harm the war against Hamas. “From the start of the war, I set three goals: Eliminating Hamas, returning all of our hostages, and ensuring that Gaza will never again go back to being a threat to the State of Israel. These three goals still stand,” stated Netanyahu.

When asked if after completing the return of the hostages, whether Israel will go back to the fighting? “The answer is an unequivocal yes,” declared the Prime Minister. “There is no situation in which we do not go back to fighting until the end. This is my policy. The entire Security Cabinet is behind it. The entire Government is behind it. The soldiers are behind it. The people are behind it – this is exactly what we will do,” he concluded.

Today’s terror attacks are a clear violation of the current ceasefire. We have no doubt Netanyahu will make good on his word.

Three dead in shooting attack at entrance to Jerusalem, by Chana Roberts/Israel National News, November 30, 2023

2 IDF Soldiers Injured, Terrorist Neutralized in Jordan Valley Ramming Attack, by Hana Levi Julian/Jewish Press, November 30, 2023

Prime Minister Netanyahu: ‘There is no way we don’t return to fight until the end’, by Israel National News, November 29, 2023


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Increased Enforcement is Welcome But Overdue

The Civil Administration has recently and significantly increased the demolition of illegal Palestinian Authority Arab buildings in Judea and Samaria. The emphasis is on the open areas, where a long battle with the Palestinian Authority has been waged.

Minister in the Defense Ministry Bezalel Smotrich stated, “Lawlessness over land also affects security lawlessness; the government of Israel will fight both. I congratulate the Civil Administration and support the Supervision Unit in their efforts to continue this important task with greater dedication.”

This is good news, indeed. But, why was this demolition of illegal PA Arab buildings not strongly enforced before the October 7 massacre?

Increase in demolition of illegal Arab construction in Judea and Samaria, by Hezki Baruch/Israel National News, November 29, 2023


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Erdan to UN: It Doesn’t Work Both Ways

The UN Security Council held a high-level meeting about the Israel-Hamas war on Wednesday in New York. Foreign ministers from some Middle Eastern countries, along with China and Brazil.

At the meeting, UN Sec.-Gen. António Guterres called for a “true humanitarian ceasefire” and the release of all hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

“How can one call for a ceasefire and at the same time claim to seek a solution to the conflict?” Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan responded.

“Anyone who supports a ceasefire basically supports Hamas’ continued reign of terror in Gaza. Hamas is a genocidal terror organization – they don’t hide it – not a reliable partner for peace. Don’t you see the contradiction here? Calling for both a ceasefire and peace is a paradox.”

‘Calling for both a ceasefire and peace is a paradox,’ Israeli UN Ambassador Erdan tells UNSC, by All Israel News Staff, November 30, 2023




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Calm for Two More Days; Will Israel Lose Momentum?

The Egyptian government officially announced that the efforts to extend the current ceasefire have borne fruit and latest sources confirm that negotiations are complete. The agreement will extend the ceasefire by two days, during which 20 more Israeli hostages will be released in exchange for 60 security prisoners.

The original agreement was for a four-day ceasefire. Under that agreement, today, 11 Israelis are to be released in exchange for 33 imprisoned terrorists with negotiations continuing. Yesterday, 17 hostages were released, including 14 Israelis and three Thai nationals.

While hostages were released over the weekend, Israel has objected to the release of children without their mothers who are also being held hostage. Negotiators have warned Hamas that if the issue is not resolved, the ceasefire will not be extended. As of late this afternoon, that issue has been resolved.

Doubtful Israel will lose momentum in this war. The enemy will rearm and there will be more terrorists to eliminate and in all likelihood more Israeli combatants lost. In any case, there is full determination by Israel to eliminate the enemy. We pray that no matter how many times the ceasefire is extended that in the end, this terrorist entity will be unable to harm Israel anymore.

Egypt: Agreement on 2-day ceasefire extension close, by Israel National News, November 27, 2023

Qatar: Ceasefire extended for 2 days, 20 more hostages to be freed, by Israel National News, November 27, 2023


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Changing Hands: Will it Work?

Two American Jewish men have separately applied to the U.S. Trademark Office for exclusive permission to print a widespread anti-Israel chant on merchandise, with the seeming intention to prevent its use.

Lawyer Joel Ackerman of New Jersey applied regarding the whole phrase “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” Oron Rosenkrantz from Pennsylvania wants to trademark only the first half, “From the River.”

Ackerman’s company, From the River to the Sea Palestine Will Be Free LLC, wishes to use the phrase only on hats and shirts, according to the application.

Will ‘From the River to the Sea’ become a Jewish-owned trademark?, by Batya Jerenberg/World Israel News, November 27, 2023

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Selfless Volunteer

“Wait, there is a problem, there is a woman older than me and in poorer health, she should leave first.”

Israeli Health Minister Uriel Buso revealed on Sunday that Adina Moshe, a 72-year-old resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz, kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 and released on Friday, had tried to persuade the terrorist group to release her place for another hostage who is older and in a more precarious state of health than her.

Today’s newsletter would not be complete without an acknowledgement of Adina Moshe’s bravery and selfless act of kindness. Adina is a true tzadekes – righteous woman. We are grateful that she was eventually on the list of hostages who were freed over the weekend and brought safely home.

Adina Moshe, 72, asked Hamas to release another woman in her place, by i24NEWS, November 27, 2023



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Hostage Deal Doesn’t Solve the Long-Term Problem

A political official presented Tuesday evening the outline for the deal to release dozens of hostages from Hamas captivity and emphasizes that “all the security forces, the Shin Bet and the Mossad are in favor of the outline and also the entire war cabinet is united in favor of the proposal.” The proposal was approved.

1. 50 living Israelis will be released in beats of 12-13 each day during the 4 days of respite. It is possible that more nationalities will be released, but they will not be at the expense of the quota of 50 Israelis.

2. During the ceasefire, Hamas will try to locate more abductees, estimating that it can locate up to 80 women and children.

3. An additional day of respite will be given for every additional ten that are released.

4. Kidnappers not in Hamas hands will also be released, Hamas is responsible for bringing them.

5. Murderers will not be released from Israeli prison.

6. The population of Gaza will not be allowed to return to the north of the Gaza Strip.

7. Fuel will enter the Gaza Strip, but only on the days of the ceasefire.

8. Fighting will resume immediately upon the end of the truce.

9. Collecting intelligence from the air will be suspended for 6 hours each day.

10. All the security branches – the IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad – supported the deal. The War Cabinet unanimously supports.

11. Israel insisted for two weeks not to accept the original proposal of Hamas.

12. After the deal is approved by the government, 24 hours will be given to petitions against it, after which it will be launched.

With all the sorrow and pain, this deal is part of Hamas’s fraudulent scheme to stop the war moments before its total collapse. It is imperative that Israel continue pressing to collapse the military arm of Hamas – and only then achieve a comprehensive deal.

Hostage release deal outline: 12 to be released each day, respite set for 4 days, by Israel National News, November 21, 2023

What is Netanyahu’s “Something Else”?, by Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar/Israel National News, November 22, 2023

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