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Danon Asks UN to Condemn Abbas Remarks

In a letter sent  to the UN Security Council, Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon wrote:

“Such a hateful diatribe against a people who have undergone thousands of years of intolerable persecution, is completely unacceptable. I call on all leaders of good faith to condemn these repeated hateful remarks and demand a full and sincere apology from Mr. Abbas. The Security Council must not stand idly by in the face of this incitement and apparent denial of Israel’s right to exist.”

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In Ashalim with the Ayalim Movement

Ayalim builds student villages throughout Israel. Ashalim is an amazing village, built by students from Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheba. They work and live in the village. In addition they volunteer many hours for the larger community.

Helen in front of the park dedicated
to the Ayalim movement
Devoted to developing the Negev, Ayalim’s students work and live in the Moroccan style village of Ashalim, built from mud blocks
Shipping containers were converted into student housing by Ayalim student workers
in Sderot, with the encouragement of
Mayor Alon Davidi
A visit to Rabbi Fendel at the Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot includes viewing Sderot from the roof of the Yeshiva. The growth is amazing. We can learn all about it at Sderot dinner on
May 31 at Lincoln Square Synagogue
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CBN Changing the Israel Narrative

CEO of CBN-Christian Broadcasting Network’s Gordon Robertson told The Jerusalem Post conference on Sunday that he realized that”Israel is constantly being subjected to inflammatory words like ‘occupation’ and apartheid,’ but having been to Israel so many times, I said we must do what we can to change the narrative and combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and tell the real story of what Israel is doing.”

Read HERE to learn how the CBN defends Israel.

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Im Tirtzu’s Campaign “Ridding Israel of the NIF” Continues

Last week, Im Tirtzu launched a new campaign against the New Israel Fund in light of the NIF’s increased anti-Israel activities.

The campaign began by placing a 100-foot long billboard on Tel-Aviv’s Ayalon Highway (along with hanging thousands of smaller posters throughout Israel), and by publishing a new report detailing the NIF’s modus operandi in delegitimizing Israel.

Below are two new videos from the campaign.

The New Israel Fund Against the State of Israel

A new video game developed by one of Im Tirtzu’s volunteers, which depicts the reality for IDF soldiers who are harassed and persecuted by the NIF

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Let Pollard Immigrate to Israel

Reports over the weekend state that the Trump administration is seriously considering allowing Jonathan Pollard to move to Israel as urged by US and Israeli officials  at The Jerusalem Post Conference in New York on Sunday.

AFSI strongly supports Jonathan Pollard’s immigration to Israel and would love to see it happen in conjunction with the forthcoming opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

World Israel News story HERE.

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Pompeo: “We’re With Israel”

Mike Pompeo voiced a strongly worded message of support for Israel on Sunday on his first trip to Israel as US Secretary of State. Pompeo met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We remain deeply concerned about Iran’s dangerous escalation of threats to Israel and the region and Iran’s ambition to dominate the Middle East remains. The US is with Israel in this fight.”

Story HERE.

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IDF military helicopter searched for missing teen swept away in Tzafit Stream flood in Judean Desert, near southern Dead Sea

Flash Flood Search Ends

The body of a tenth Israeli student was recovered late Thursday night by search and rescue personnel who continued efforts despite a blanket of darkness combined with incredibly difficult and harsh conditions.

AFSI expresses its condolences to the ten families of the victims of the flash flood in the Arava.

Report HERE.

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