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Helen Freedman with Naama Odess, mother of Elisha, meeting in Israel

Shabak Framing Jewish Hilltop Youth as Jewish Terrorists

AFSI demonstrated over two years ago on behalf of Elisha Odess who is still in jail allegedly for the Duma arson crime, although endless interrogation and torture have proven nothing. Our position was,INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. His case has still NOT come to trial. Now we have a report about the Shabak FRAMING Jewish hilltop youth. This is an intolerable situation which MUST STOP.

Apparently, the Justice Department is unable to override the actions of the Shabak. Although we appreciate the many necessary activities of the Shabak to provide safety to Israel’s citizens, we deplore its subversive, cruel, and destructive actions against idealistic Jewish youth who might live on the hilltops of Judea and Samaria. These young pioneers are working with their parents, or going it alone, in preserving Israel’s hold on Jewish land. The Shabak framing and targeting of the youth must end.

Read the story HERE 

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A Fond Farewell with More Photos from Our Mission to Israel

AFSI Chizuk MIssion participants attended a farewell dinner in Ma’aleh Adumim and said goodbye to each other until the next mission.

Below, view more fabulous photos taken on our magnificent trip to Israel!

Moshe Eyal guiding AFSI in Mitzpe Jericho
In Kfar Vradim
Beit Shean Sound and Light Show
Bedouin camp funded by EU on Israeli land
Helen and Charlie exploring an old synagogue in Tsfat
Channel 1 filming AFSI in Tsfat
Lunch in Pequin
In Pequin with Aharon Pulver
Jeep tour to see the illegal Bedouin encampments
Lunch in Rotem
Benny Gavrielli guided AFSI through the Jordan Valley and the organic farms of Sde Eliyahu. The BioBees were amazing.
Ron Nachman Legacy Center-Ariel Pioneers Museum. Nachman was the first Mayor of Ariel and is honored in this unique museum.
AFSI visited Ezri Tubi at his studio in Ariel, and viewed a number of his YouTube BOOMERANG creations with great enjoyment and appreciation.
AFSI walking through Maskiot
In the Maskiot Synagogue
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Barnard College Chooses Tolerance

Barnard College has rejected an anti-Israel referendum proposed by the Student Government Association.

The referendum wanted Barnard to withdraw from its holdings from companies doing business with Israel, however, President Sian Leah Beilock said, “Barnard will not take action in response to this referendum.”

Story HERE 

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To the EU: You’re Undermining Jerusalem

The media’s coverage of US – European Union relations is focused on efforts to convince President Trump to stay in line with Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

Caroline Glick in Breitbat reports: “Left largely unreported is that while the European leaders are pressuring Trump to align his Iran policy with theirs, Macron, Merkel, and European Union Foreign Policy Commissioner Federica Mogherini are waging a multifaceted campaign to undermine and discredit one of Trump’s most significant foreign policy initiatives: namely, Jerusalem.”

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Netanyahu: NO NUKES!

PM Netanyahu firmly reiterated and stated his policy:

“Israel’s policy has not changed since Begin. Israel will not allow regimes that seek our annihilation to acquire nuclear weapons.”

Netanyahu’s statement was made while addressing Israeli and foreign ambassadors on Monday at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem during an event marking Israel’s 70th anniversary.

Story HERE 

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Exposing the New Israel Fund

Billboards displayed throughout Israel read “Ridding Israel of the NIF”

The Zionist organization Im Tirtzu has launched a new campaign that calls on the Israeli government to end all cooperation with the New Israel Fund (NIF).

The campaign’s goal is to expose the NIF as a foreign political organization operating as a political opposition within Israel against the government and IDF, while engaging in anti-Israel lawfare by means of its grantees in the Supreme Court.

Story HERE 

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Today’s must read is an Arutz Sheva OpEd by Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover (Women in Green). Matar and Katsover appear before groups throughout Israel as part of their efforts to promote the vision of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

They state that the status quo “…presents a dangerous and stupefying illusion that is allowing a Palestinian state to become a reality right under our noses, with all of the dangers that it presents to the long-term future of the State of Israel. We therefore repeat again that Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria is an urgent necessity.”

Judea and Samaria are INCORRECTLYcalled the ‘West Bank,’ a term given to the land by the government of Jordan after Jordan illegally occupied the land in 1948.

Senior officials say US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman is seeking to be able to say ‘Judea and Samaria’ in official statements instead of ‘West Bank.’

Last week the State Department in its annual ‘Country Reports on Human Rights Practices’ dropped the term ‘occupied territories.’

Read about this development HERE and for the Palestinian response follow HERE 

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Havat Gilad Update

AFSI was proud to join with Marc Prowisor of the One Israel Fund in dedicating a sophisticated security camera system in Havat Gilad. Yael Shevach, the widow of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, murdered by terrorists on the road outside Havat Gilad, joined the group along with good friend and resident, Ilana Shimon.

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