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At the Soon to be US Embassy

The AFSI group outside the American Consulate in Jerusalem, slated to become the United States Embassy in Israel’s capital city. We celebrated with the singing of the American and Israeli national anthems.

View the video below for an update.

Israel and the US have almost completed the preparations necessary to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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In Hebron

Our group in Hebron. Israeli flag proudly waving in the background.
Judy Kadish, Yifat Akobi, and Helen Freedman on the rooftop of the newly reclaimed Beit Rachel in Hebron. Yifat is a Hebron heroine.
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AFSI at Oz v’Gaon

Helen and Judy both gave greetings followed by AFSI board member Ken Abramowitz who gave a talk on “Saving Western Civilization and How to Win This Third World War” in which we are now engaged.

Architect Yoram Ginsberg presented a plan looking forward to Israel at 100. Needless to say, it includes a whole Israel with Israeli Sovereignty.

Banner with greetings for AFSI
Ken Abramowitz delivers speech
Judy Kadish speaking with Nadia and Yehudit in the background
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World Leaders Send Greetings to Israel @ 70

Warm wishes, Best wishes, Congratulation, It is my pleasure…”

And the well wishes go on and on.

So many world leaders have reached out to Israel on the special occasion of its 70th Anniversary of Independence. All over the globe, from England to the US to Russia, warm greetings and much praise have been extended to Israel.

Read about them HERE.

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The Success Story of This Century

Yochannan Visser has a beautiful article on Israel @ 70 declaring that it is no exaggeration to say Israel is a miracle and the success story of the last century, despite having gone through no less than 15 wars and major counter terror operations since the founding of the state in 1948.

The international media tend to focus on these wars and conflicts and under-reports the unique achievements of the Jewish state nationally and internationally.


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