The Chizuk Mission Continues

The group spent the entire day Wednesday in Yerushalayim, which began early for their visit to the Temple Mount. Yaakov Hayman, head of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, under the umbrella of the Israel Independence Fund, was their guide.

Later that morning, the entire group met with longtime AFSI friend Dan Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim/the Jerusalem Reclamation fund, who guided them to several special sights inside the Old City.

In the afternoon they traveled toward the Judean Desert, near Maale Amos, to visit Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz at the Land of Israel Network, with dinner in Gush Etzion.

The picture below is of members of the group on Har Habayit, sitting on the Eastern Wall. This Wall has special significance as being the only Wall that was in the same place where it was at the time of the Second Temple.

Today, Thursday, the group spent the day in the Shomron.

First on the agenda was a visit with AD Kan in the town of Eli. Here, they learned how MASA, funded by the JEWISH AGENCY, supports and promotes the extreme anti-Zionist “Achvat Amim” group. This group leads anti-Israel activities in the southern Hebron Hills, often in violent confrontations with the IDF. AD Kan is supported by the Israel Independence Fund.

They then continued on to Shilo where they met Elad Ziv and members of the displaced Amona community to learn about progress, or lack thereof, on their new homes.

From there, they visited Har Bracha and the Tommy Waller Christian community project, before returning to Jerusalem.

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