The Israeli Defense Forces launched a counter strike – a severe blow – following an Iranian missile attack on the Golan Heights Thursday, destroying “nearly all” of the Islamic Republic’s military infrastructure throughout Syria.

The IDF will not allow the Iranian threat to establish itself in Syria. The Syrian regime will be held accountable for everything happening in its territory,” the press release read.“The IDF is prepared for a wide variety of scenarios.”

PM Netanyahu issued a statement on his Facebook page: “Iran crossed a red line. We responded accordingly.”

The White House issued a statement saying, “The U.S. condemns the Iranian regime’s provocative rocket attacks from Syria against Israeli citizens, and we strongly support Israel’s right to act in self-defense.” Iran’s deployment of missiles is “unacceptable,” and warned Iran would bear “full responsibility” for the consequences of its behavior.

Reports are also revealing unusually strong defense of the Jewish State from the UK, France and Germany.

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