The Eclipse of Western Civilization

by Jonathan Grauman, AFSI Research Analyst

What are we Wearing: Safety Glasses or Blinders?

Earlier this week, hundreds of millions of people across the United States witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular event – a total eclipse of the sun. People reserved flights, hotels and automobiles years in advance in order to be situated in a perfect place to witness this incredible sight. They trekked to mountain tops and open fields for an unimpeded view. The eclipse itself lasted several hours, as the moon slowly moved in front of the sun, and then away from it. But that one special moment – when the moon was fully in front of, and fully blocking the sun – lasted for just a few minutes. The sky darkened and objects normally impossible to see became visible, such as certain planets. Animals reacted in unpredictable ways, as their biological clocks seemed out of whack. Truly a remarkable and amazing testament to Mother Nature.

To enjoy and savor this historic occasion safely, people had to use special safety glasses or other devices to enable them to look directly at the sun. If not, there would be damage to one’s eyesight, perhaps even leading to blindness.

While the solar eclipse was safe for those who were prepared, today there is another eclipse occurring, and this one has been going on for several decades. It is far more dangerous than a solar eclipse, and one for which we have not been, and are still not, prepared. This is the eclipse of Western civilization by Islam. Today, Islam is on the march worldwide, and during this eclipse, we in the West have not been wearing our safety glasses. Instead we have been wearing blinders.

The crescent of the sun has just waxed and waned to our great pleasure. However, the crescent of Islam is on the rise and is waxing gloriously, to our great pain. This crescent is accompanied by the sword – a weapon that figuratively and literally symbolizes the conquest of Western civilization – our way of life – by an ideology bent on destroying us and intent on conquering the world.

Europe is being overrun by refugees. Refugees? Sure, out of several million there are a number of individuals who have genuinely fled war zones seeking safety. So, where are the women and children? Why are the overwhelming number of “refugees” from the Middle East and north Africa who are making their way to Europe, young men in their 20’s and 30’s?

Why are Europeans allowing their continent to be overrun by an alien culture, by those bent not on assimilating, but on taking over? Rape and other crimes have skyrocketed, there are pockets of no-go zones where non-Muslims entering risk their lives, unemployment is rising, and what do the Europeans do? They shrug their shoulders. They claim that fresh blood is needed to enable their economies to continue working at a high pace. Well, they have signed a deal with the devil. Perhaps if they would have procreated a little more fervently, they wouldn’t have needed this “fresh blood” to save their economies!

The situation is not as dire in the United States, but is fast becoming urgent. Here, the cry of “Islamophobia” is quickly shouted whenever a Muslim is criticized or accused of an offense. It is as if Muslims have special immunity from prosecution, based solely on their religion. Free speech in the U.S. is fast becoming at risk in the public square, and of course, on college campuses where cries of “Death to Israel” and “Death to Jews’ are being heard more and more frequently, often by members of radical Islamic and anti-Semitic organizations.

For too long, we have catered to Islamists in this country and have swept the evils of radical Islam under the rug. Our freedom of speech and expression are being eclipsed by fear and pandering to a “culture” that is emboldened by our weakness.

If only there were special glasses to help us to see and understand the reality that is Islam on the march. Is it too late? Time will tell.

AFSI Board Member Ken Abramowitz has addressed the dangers to Western Civilization in his brilliant studies entitled: THE FUTURE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION: HOW TO SAVE WESTERN CIVILIZATION FROM ITSELF! His website: SAVETHEWEST.COM is a treasure trove of information. We recommend it highly.



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