Embracing Israel – The Land and the People Report by Helen Freedman, AFSI Co-Executive Director

AFSI’s latest Chizuk Mission recently concluded. This mission, like previous ones, was memorable, educational, intense and enjoyable, and provided Chizuk to both Israelis and mission-goers alike. From the beleaguered yet stalwart Jewish community in Hebron, to the brave citizens of Israel living just a few feet away from Gaza, AFSI was there.

Click HERE to read the full report of this year’s Fall Chizuk Mission.

Reservations are now being taken for AFSI’s next Chizuk Mission, April 17-25, 2018. Reserve your space for this special time in Israeli history when the 70 years since the creation of the State will be celebrated. All are invited to join us. Contact Judy at 212-828-2424 or write to judy@afsi.org.

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