Netiv Avot on the Chopping Block

In 2016 the Israeli High Court ruled that 15 out of 42 homes in the Netiv Avot neighborhood in the Elazar community in Gush Etzion were illegally built on “private Palestinian land,” and a March 2018 date was set for their demolition by the state.

In an additional bizarre ruling, the court ruled that an “illegally built” carpentry shop in Netiv Avot (really just a shack) would be demolished before the end of this year. A number of the shop owner’s friends – army reservists – have written to PM Netanyahu promising to rebuild the shop if the government goes forward with its destruction.

Reservists tell PM: If Netiv Ha’avot carpentry shop torn down, we’ll rebuild it

Carpentry shop in Netiv Avot slated for destruction before the end of this year


At a rally held last night to show support for the 15 families in Netiv Avot, Jewish Home Party Minister Naftali Bennett said that there is no reason the homes should be torn down. He told The Land of Israel Network’s Josh Hasten that destroying those homes “makes no sense,” and he is calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do what he can to save those houses. Last night’s rally saw hundreds in attendance including Government Ministers, Members of Knesset, and many other Israelis who do not want to see the unnecessary demolition of the Jewish homes in Netiv Avot.

You can hear Josh Hasten’s report from the rally, including Naftali Bennett’s remarks, on the Land of Israel Network, by clicking HERE.

For additional background information on Netiv Avot, including the absurdity of the court’s decision, please read Josh’s report in the Jerusalem Post here: DON’T DESTROY THE NETIV AVOT HOMES.



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