Rank Fools! It’s 2018, Not 1967

AFSI Chairman Mark Langfan writes in today’s Arutz Sheva OpEd that while leftist Israeli generals still tout the Two-State Solution, and despite all evidence to the contrary, they think that they have the silver bullet. In reality, the Two-State Solution “bullet” is aimed at the State of Israel and its 6 million Jewish inhabitants.

Mark further points out that Israeli security clearance is not needed to monitor what Palestinian leaders are saying about their sincere desire to murder every Israeli in Tel Aviv. “They don’t want Judea, Samaria and Gaza, they want Tel Aviv and Netanya and they want to murder every last Jew who dares to remain when, as they hope, they begin their Jihad murder spree.”

Are these leftists Israeli generals facing reality in 2018? Or are they living in the past as if it were 1967 thinking that if their “solution” does not work they can just invade Judea and Samaria?

Mark thinks they look like “rank fools” and that no leftist Israeli general would ever debate him. We agree.

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