Helen Freedman with Naama Odess, mother of Elisha, meeting in Israel

Shabak Framing Jewish Hilltop Youth as Jewish Terrorists

AFSI demonstrated over two years ago on behalf of Elisha Odess who is still in jail allegedly for the Duma arson crime, although endless interrogation and torture have proven nothing. Our position was,INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. His case has still NOT come to trial. Now we have a report about the Shabak FRAMING Jewish hilltop youth. This is an intolerable situation which MUST STOP.

Apparently, the Justice Department is unable to override the actions of the Shabak. Although we appreciate the many necessary activities of the Shabak to provide safety to Israel’s citizens, we deplore its subversive, cruel, and destructive actions against idealistic Jewish youth who might live on the hilltops of Judea and Samaria. These young pioneers are working with their parents, or going it alone, in preserving Israel’s hold on Jewish land. The Shabak framing and targeting of the youth must end.

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