An Early Al Chet

For those of you who had the opportunity to join AFSI at last month’s Jabotinsky Memorial & Tribute, you’ll remember that Amotz Eyal of TPS showed us the many ways in which the media distorts not only written text, but images too. These false narratives end up slandering and hurting Israel.

On this subject, last week, action was taken by Ad Kan’s attorney Tzur Falk. Ad Kan is a group dedicated to defending the good name of Israelis who are attacked by the left, as well as turn in leftist criminals who collaborate with the Palestinian Authority. Falk sent Meretz leader Moshe “Mossi” Raz a strong warning letter describing the actual event behind the provocative image shown here.

Raz issued an apology via his Twitter account to Yair Trabelsi, local security coordinator for Karnei Shomron. While AFSI appreciate’s Raz’s apology, it is imperative that facts on the ground be established first before rushing to judgment and spewing unnecessary attacks against Israel. We expect better from all of Israel’s leaders.

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