Arizona Regional Office

AFSI in Arizona sponsors local events and offers resources to strengthen your connection to Israel.

Dr. Matthew Karlovsky Chapter Chair

Address: Phoenix, Arizona


Upcoming Events

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Previous Events & Articles

November 1, 2017 
Commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and its role in Zionism- by speaker David Isaac.

November 12, 2017
AFSI co-promoted Israel radio personality Eve Harlow who spoke about Judea and Samaria and “Why They Matter.”

Many thanks to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who spoke at Americans For A Safe Israel event arranged by Dr. Matthew Karlovsky in Scottsdale with over 100 people in attendance. Dr. Jasser discussed supporting liberty and democracy in the U.S., Israel and, one day, liberty in the Muslim world, as well as Islamism in the U.S. and worldwide.

A Dark Day for Jews Around the World, January 2016

Jews and the Golden Calf: November, 2016

Independence Day: Free at Last?, May 10, 2017

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