Texas Regional Office

Ann Stacy, Chapter Chair

Address: Dallas, Texas

Tel.: 214.882.1417

“We network with other pro-Israel groups to give North Texans as many opportunities as possible to hear the truth about Israel. Our mission is to provide forums for Israelis to tell their personal stories. Our house is dedicated as a gathering place for AFSI events and we encourage Texans to make lasting friendships with our Israeli guests and begin to make their own plans to further their relationships.” Learn more about Ann Stacy’s work on behalf of casino Israel HERE.


Previous Events

August 19, 2020 – News 
AFSI’s Texas Chapter Donation Will Aid in Securing Jordan Valley’s 21 Communities
Thanks to a generous donation by the Texas Chapter of Americans For A Safe Israel, a new method of providing security in the Jordan Valley has been installed. See video below.

AFSI’s Texas Chapter donated a portable surveillance camera that can be left in any area to detect potentially suspicious activity. The camera’s recording feeds back activity to the Jordan Valley’s main security dispatch center. This allows personnel to determine what, how and where will be best way to stop any threat to better secure the community.

In addition to arson attacks, Jewish communities in the Jordan Valley have many security challenges including agricultural safety concerns. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of AFSI Texas Chapter Chair Ann Stacy, those living in the Jordan Valley can feel a bit safer.

January 14, 2018
Gidon Ariel – Granbury, TX
Meet Israeli Orthodox Jew and founder of Root Source, Gidon Ariel. Sit in on a live intimate conversation between Gidon and his close Christian friend and partner, Texan Bob O’Dell, about various topics of interest: Israel; relationships between Christians and Jews and where it’s all headed.

Legislator Mike Lang joins AFSI Texas luncheon

Ambassador Ichay autographed a book for this man leaving him his business card…and Laurie had given me BDS DVD as well as an Israel DVD…. I had waited for a face to face meeting ..he and his wife followed me home and stayed 2+ hours….me asking the question at the Republican Women .+++me having on the special pin Charles Pullman made for the Texas Legislature…did it! Charles Pullman….was really the co power of Israel Today Symposium.

Jeremy Gimpel visited AFSI-Texas  in August
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2nd Annual Israel Symposium  at Temple Shalom
John Stacy ,Laurie Cardozo Moore, Ann Stacy, Mike Isley, and Yoram Ettinger enjoy a post event meal.
Laurie Cardoza Moore of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
David Wilder from Hebron visited AFSI- Texas in 2014 and 2015
Goldsmiths from Itamar have visited AFSI- Texas twice
Marc Prowiser visited AFSI- Texas in March and will be back in the fall- More information to follow.
Rabbi Richard Green of THE CLARION PROJECT has visited AFSI- Texas twice
David Kiern produced I AM ISRAEL film  and showed his current film at AFSI- Texas (May 2007)
Caleb Waller…Telling the Story of Israel Through Wines…June of this year.
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