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AFSI in the Tri-State Area sponsors local events and offers resources to strengthen your connection to Israel.

New York City Headquarters: Phone 212.828.2424 | Email

Facebook Group Americans For a Safe Israel – AFSI

New York Chapters

Brooklyn, NY

Robin Ticker, Co-Chair

Lorrie Fein, Co-Chair


Rochester, NY

Dr. Leon Szmedra




Long Island, NY

Hanna Cohen




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Previous Events

Sunday – May 13, 2018
Celebrate Yom Yerushalayim and the Liberation of Judea and Samaria In Honor of Hilltop Youth.
Video clips of the Six Day War, video contrasting Hilltop vs. Palestinian Youth, Chava Shulman will speak about Honenu, Binyomin Magden and Jay Ticker speak about the ZOA mission to DC and more.

November 15, 2017
AFSI Brooklyn at the Kingsway Jewish Center presented an evening with Eve Harow, Israel Radio Personality and International Spokesperson on “50 Years Since 1967: Liberation or Occupation?”

November 6, 2017
Brooklyn AFSI meeting commemorated Shabbat Chayei Sarah: 100-Year Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration; Holocaust Museum on Har Zion; learned about a new Hebrew book with a curriculum to teach Sheleimus Haaretz. Members reported on their Brooklyn AFSI activism.

AFSI Activities in the Greater Rochester New York Area

Presentation hosted by Helen Freedman, Co-Executive Director, Americans For a Safe Israel and Richard Allen JCC Watch Founder:  Israel’s Fight for Existence: THE ENEMY WITHIN

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