Circus of Bolivian Hypocrisy

Bolivian UN ambassador, Sacha Sergio ‎Llorenti Soliz, has invited Randa Siniora, a known supporter of the anti-Israel BDS movement, to ‎address the Security Council. Soliz is also responsible for having recently invited B’Tselem’s Hagai El-Ad to address the council.

Bolivia has a long track record of human rights violations. This country is believed to be the epicenter ‎of massive human trafficking rings, including ‎trafficking in women and children for forced labor ‎and prostitution.

Ambassador Danny Dayan lambasted Bolivia for its latest attempt to promote its anti-Israel agenda at the UN. ‎”The circus of Bolivian hypocrisy continues. Bolivia ‎tramples women’s rights and invites the head of an ‎anti-Israel group to speak at the UN all while ‎talking about women’s rights and peace.”

YNet story HERE.

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