Contact Your Senator To Support David Friedman As America’s Next Ambassador To Israel

Contact Your Senator To Support David Friedman As America’s Next Ambassador To Israel

Nominee David Friedman with President Trump
This Thursday, February 16, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a confirmation hearing to determine the nomination of President Trump’s selection for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. David Friedman is a true friend of Israel, one who understands Israel’s past and present, and one who will help shape the critical US-Israel relationship into the future.
The following 21 Senators are on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Please contact them, requesting they support the President’s eminently qualified nominee.
It is crucial that your voice be heard, as there is a major effort against his nomination by anti-Israel groups.

THIS EVENING: Danny Danon At Columbia U Needs Our Support!

Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon
7:15 PM tonight at Columbia University, Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is hosting Israel’s UN Ambassador, Danny Danon for a speaking event. Please show your support IN PERSON for Israel’s Ambassador and the pro-Israel student community by attending his talk.
As intimidation and violence toward Jewish and pro-Israel students on America’s college campuses continue to grow, those who support Israel must stand strong against the haters.
Disturbingly, over the weekend we received the following email, showing an attempt to limit pro-Israel community members from attending Danny Danon’s talk. As of this writing, we have not heard of an agreement with university staff to open up the hall to additional pro-Israel individuals. However, it is very important to show up to provide chizuk (strength) to Danny Danon and to confront the anti-Israel haters who will be protesting his appearance.
The Ambassador’s talk will be taking place 7:15 PM in Columbia University’s Roone Cinema, Lerner Hall, Broadway & 116 St.
Please click HERE for additional details, and read to the end of the email to see how you can register your protest to the university administration.
On Friday Peter Cerneka, Columbia’s Associate Director of Student Engagement, notified the Students Supporting Israel (SSI) that only 20 non-CU students would be admitted to their event featuring Danny Danon, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, despite taking place in an auditorium that seats 300. Included in the 20 non-student guests are the Ambassador’s staff and security detail, leaving only ten non-students permitted to attend the event. SSI has currently received over 70 RSVP’s, and another 50 on a waiting list.
We contacted Mr. Cerneka and asked him why he has imposed such late and unusual restrictions. He stated that, along with Columbia’s public safety board, he imposed these restrictions for “security reasons”. We contacted the Public Safety office twice, and in both calls they had no knowledge of the attendance restrictions, nor the reasons for said restrictions.
Furthermore, we explained to Mr. Cerneka that the non-student guests who have registered are alumni and/or Israel supporters who would be happy to have their bag checked and present ID, and just want to hear the Ambassador speak. Mr. Cerneka kept repeating the “security issue” and would not provide any further explanation.
We feel that this is a deliberate attempt by Columbia U. officials to effectively limit attendance and suppress support for Israel at this event. The unfair and biased restrictions imposed by Columbia officials have no basis and are arbitrary. It’s important to note that Peter Cerneka is also the adviser to Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), and the adviser to Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).
Please join us Monday @ 7:00pm at Columbia U. and hold the University accountable and show support for Israel.
If Columbia University respects and upholds free speech in a peaceful setting, then all the people who RSVP’ed for the Danny Danon event, should be allowed entrance to hear Israel’s Ambassador to the UN speak.
Contact information for Peter Cerneka
Phone: 212-854-1371


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