At the Feb. 15 meeting between President Trump and PM Netanyahu, AFSI and all who follow its precepts, are hoping for some amazing results. We anticipate that the two world leaders will discuss the despicable and dangerous Iran “deal”, Russia’s growing support of Syria’s Assad which strengthens Hezbollah, and the threat of ISIS and Islamic terrorism which menaces the world. These are huge issues on which we believe the two leaders will be in agreement.

The most pressing issues for Israel, internally, are the questions of the “settlements” as “obstacles to peace,” the “two-state solution” which has been today’s myth of Sisyphus, and the question of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Looking at the name of Israel’s capital city, one can see the USA is already in JerUSAlem.
AFSI urges PM Netanyahu to seize this remarkable opportunity in speaking to a U.S. President who has already promised to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and who understands that “settlements” are NOT the obstacle to peace – that the refusal of the PA to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and the resulting terrorism, are the obstacles – and that the “two-state solution” is impossible with an entity whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.
On the heels of the remarkably successful Sovereignty Conference, held in Jerusalem this past Sunday, with over 1000 people in attendance, where the need to apply Sovereignty to Judea and Samaria was stressed by the many esteemed speakers, AFSI strongly recommends that this action be taken.
Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover, the leaders of Women in Green who are the spearheads of the Sovereignty movement, had invited speakers who offered many different solutions to the questions raised by declaring Sovereignty. What is clear is that solutions can be found, and that Sovereignty SHOULD be declared. We hope that this message will be carried by PM Netanyahu during his meeting with President Trump and that it will be the guiding force in discussing the resolution of the conflict with the PA.
We pray that PM Netanyahu and President Trump will be blessed with wisdom and understanding during their meeting and that the discussions and decisions made will result in great benefits to both Israel and America.

Contact Your Senator To Support David Friedman As America’s Next Ambassador To Israel
Nominee David Friedman with President Trump
This Thursday, February 16, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a confirmation hearing to determine the nomination of President Trump’s selection for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. David Friedman is a true friend of Israel, one who understands Israel’s past and present, and one who will help shape the critical US-Israel relationship into the future.
The following 21 Senators are on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Please contact them, requesting they support the President’s eminently qualified nominee.
It is crucial that your voice be heard, as there is a major effort against his nomination by anti-Israel groups.

mayView A  Powerful Video Of The AFSI Chizuk Missions And Join AFSI On Our Next Chizuk Mission,May 17 – May 25, 2017

AFSI Chizuk Missions are unique. Participants in an AFSI mission return to their homes informed, educated, enlightened and invigorated, ready to advocate for Yisrael Shleyma, a “full” Israel.
Among other destinations, AFSI missions visit Judea and Samaria, from the large cities to the small hilltop communities; from the most modern factories in the industrial zones of Ariel to the ancient stones of Hebron and the communities of Ofra and Amona.
A key differentiator separating AFSI Chizuk Missions from other trips is the personal touch. For more than 20 years, AFSI has taken groups to Israel, and over the years, AFSI returns to provide chizuk. AFSI travelers build relationships and become lifetime friends with Israelis on the front lines, wherever they may be. From those protecting Jewish life in southern Tel Aviv from thousands of illegal squatters, to heroes living in eastern Jerusalem among a hostile Arab population, AFSI is there.
Get a taste of an AFSI Chizuk Mission from our video on our website. Click HERE to view it and then say to yourself, “Next time I go to Israel, I’m going with AFSI.”
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