DARK STAIN ON ISRAELI JUSTICE SYSTEM Netiv Ha’Avot Evacuated – “We’re Talking About Inches”

Fifteen families in the Jewish community of Netiv Ha’Avot have been removed from their homes. All because of a 15 meter housing infraction.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said this is “…a completely unnecessary evacuation, stemming from a serious mistake: It began with a mistaken state response that was given a few years ago – that we fixed fundamentally. …this is where it ends. In the last three years, we’ve changed the discourse: Instead of asking ‘when to evacuate’, today we ask how to regulate.”

AFSI officially decries this evil and senseless decree once again watching the destruction Jewish homes based on unproven, undocumented Arab claims. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, must override the Israeli Supreme Court on all issues that call for the destruction of Jewish land and homes.

Arutz Sheva report HERE.


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