Gantz’s Negative Score Grows: Broken Promise to Evyatar

A year and a half after signing an agreement with the government, according to which a yeshiva would be established in Evyatar, the government has yet to hold up its end of the agreement. Rabbi Chaim Druckman of Evyatar received the promise from Defense Minister Benny Gantz to build Evyatar and stated: “We received a promise regarding Evyatar, that was a year ago, and until now it hasn’t been fulfilled; promises must be kept.”

Nahala movement chairperson Daniela Weiss stated, “ has come time we build a glorious town there.”

We’re praying and trusting that this coming Tuesday’s elections choose the leader that will keep its promise to Evyatar.

Rabbi Druckman: ‘A promise was made regarding Evyatar, and it wasn’t kept’, by Israel National News, October 27, 2022


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