Hevron and Sderot – Two Different and Extraordinary Places

Governor Mike Huckabee and the mission traveled to Hebron and Sderot.
In Hebron, David Wilder greeted them.


David Wilder guides Governor Huckabee in the Machpelah -the Cave of the Matriarch and Patriarchs
Video of Governor Huckabee in the Machpelah discussing Jewish rights to live in Hebron and pray in the Machpelah; David Wilder reading religious text with the Governor.
Governor Huckabee in discussion with Ken Abramowitz

Breslaver soldiers in Hebron – reading the Torah.

AFSI’s Helen Freedman and Judy Kadish in front of the Machpelah

Gov Huckabee also toured Sderot with Mayor Alon Davidi. They saw a thrivingcity of 27,000 people where new kindergartens and playgrounds proliferate. Although Sderot is only one km from Gaza, and an Iron Dome batterywas stationed on the hilltop, new communities continue to bebuilt and real estate values continue to climb.

View of beautiful Sderot, thriving with lots of construction.






Massive building in five new neighborhoods under construction in Sderot.

Mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi; Rosh Yeshiva Sderot,Rabbi Dovid Fendel; Governor Mike Huckabee
They thought they could scare the Jews but Sderot not only survives but thrives! AFSI’s Helen Freedman and Judy Kadish in front of a chanukiah made from katyusha rocketsfired from Gaza into Sderot.
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