IDF Uncovers a City Within a Tunnel

]The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday revealed the largest-ever Hamas attack tunnel discovered by the military, in the northern Gaza Strip, close to the Erez border crossing with Israel.

The tunnel, of which around four kilometers (2.5 miles) were uncovered by the IDF, goes down some 50 meters (165 feet) underground in some areas and appears to be wide enough for vehicles to pass through. It did not enter Israeli territory. It also said the tunnel allowed for the movement of vehicles, and “many weapons” belonging to Hamas were found inside.

In a press conference Sunday night, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said the tunnel was “no ordinary tunnel. It’s a city. A terrorist city underground that Hamas dug and built instead of investing money in the residents of Gaza.”

IDF uncovers largest-ever Hamas attack tunnel, near northern Gaza border crossing, by Emanuel Fabian/Times of Israel, December 17, 2023


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