Judea and Samara Pioneers Targeted

A Palestinian Arab from Qalqilya was indicted for plotting to kill renowned pioneers of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, including Daniella Weiss and Moshe Zar.

Daniella Weiss is a close and dear friend of AFSI. Moshe Zar is a friend who bought land and gave some to a group of young idealists in memory of his son who was killed. That is Chavat Gilad. AFSI also installed cameras there in the spring.

Hearing that these two were targets of this vile plot hits us at AFSI particularly hard. We are longtime friends and admirers of these two brave leaders. Daniella’s bravery and strength was the driving force behind Kedumim where she served as Mayor for many years.

Moshe Zar’s bravery is legendary. Following his son, Gilad’s murder he gave land to young idealists who created the Yishuv of Chavat Gilad. AFSI has many close friends in that Yishuv and donated a security camera to the community just last Spring.

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