Kudos to S. Florida AFSI Chairperson, Carol Flatto!

Last week, AFSI’s South Florida chapter, led by Chairperson Carol Flatto, sponsored a discussion with great friend of AFSI, Jerusalem City Councilman Arieh King. He spoke about the recent Temple Mount Crisis to a receptive crowd of almost 60 people.
AS reported, During the dinner, King told the audience that his home in Ma’ale Zeitim on the Mount of Olives was stoned 60 times and recently had Molotov cocktails and paint thrown at it. However, he said that this is a regular occurrence.

“If this is the price for having the Temple Mount in our hands, I would welcome one hundred stones every day.”
King is also founder and director of the Israel Land Fund and explained to the attendees how his organization is developing affordable housing projects aimed at building Jewish neighborhoods in demographically strategic areas of Jerusalem.
South Florida AFSI Chair, Carol Flatto;
Jerusalem City Councilman Arieh King;
Dan Gelber, Miami Beach mayoral candidate
Please click on this link for a full description of the event.
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