Major Media Source Expresses Concerns Sovereignty is Eroding

Cheryl Chumley, editor of the op-ed section in the online Washington Times, published a scathing article against the illegal Palestinian construction in Area C.

Chumley accused that, “The Palestinian Authority, fed by funds from the UN, the European Union and the US, has taken upon itself the task of expanding the Arab footprint in the lands of Israel, by building houses on land that was supposed to remain clear. This is the Palestinian’s quiet way of stretching the borders, seizing Israeli lands, and thwarting the possibility of applying Israeli sovereignty in the area, and all of this was done without firing a single shot.”

We thank Cheryl Chumley for shedding light on the truth about this horrendous matter. If more media sources would allow facts to be reported how much better educated the public would be. It’s a critical component missing in Israel’s fight for survival.

Washington Times: ‘Israel is losing sovereignty, Palestinian Arabs continue to build’, by Israel National News, April 16, 2024

Israel losing land, sovereignty, identity to illegal Palestinian construction, by Cheryl Chumley/The Washington Times, March 27, 2024


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